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3 amazing ways to style a white kitchen

Many designer kitchen trends come and go, but there’s no denying the everlasting appeal of a beautiful white kitchen. We’d go as far as to say it’s the trend of the decade, and we think it’s not hard to see the appeal; white kitchens are clean, bright and feel wonderfully spacious and easy to manage. Not only that, but they work well with a whole range of interior styles – so whether your idea kitchen is a contemporary designer kitchen or a rustic traditional kitchen, a white interior can serve as the perfect backdrop for whatever you have in mind. Here are our three favourite ways to style a white kitchen!

  1. Bring in a bit of colour

Now, depending on your tastes you might find that the cautious approach is the best one to take here. It can be all too easy to go overboard when adding colour, and end up making the space feel crowded and busy. To avoid that, just start by adding one or two colours, which will help give it a pop of personality while avoiding a cold, clinical look. It doesn’t have to be via the decorations or worktops – you can add subtle little touches here and there through the colour of your utensils, like a colourful kettle or toaster. Alternatively, bringing in a little burst of colour through carefully placed fruit bowls is a favourite with many of our customers.

If you want something a little bolder, you might want to consider the colour of your larger appliances, like your ovens or microwaves. For example, a deep red range cooker can add a bold touch of personality to your white kitchen. Or, you can pick a single vibrant colour and let your imagination run a little wild, like Mr and Mrs Birch did with their simple but brilliantly stylish kitchen.

  1. Keep it streamlined for a minimalist contemporary look

Handleless cabinetry is the key if you’re going for this look for your kitchen, as their clean lines are great for giving your space a fantastic minimalist feel. If you’re opting to forgo the colourful suggestions above, the handleless look beautifully complements other elements like recessed LED lighting and bright, glossy worktops, which are both especially effective at lending your white kitchen an supremely functional but elegantly simple design.

Depending on your tastes, you might feel this can give the kitchen a bit of a sterile look, so opt for features like stylish pendant lights to give the space a stunning focal point. On the other hand, if you want to fully commit to the contemporary design, you might want to turn your attention to investing in powerful, efficient kitchen appliances and gadgets, as Mr and Mrs Gledhill did in their kitchen with no limits!

  1. Add some texture to the space

If you’re leaning more towards a rustic or traditional designer kitchen, you might want to consider more traditional elements like laminated wood floors, or exposed wooden beams to warm up the space, while giving it a touch of extra visual interest. Open shelving is also a great design touch, reminiscent of authentic farmhouse kitchens. Not only is it practical in terms of storage, but also prevents your white kitchen from looking too busy. Butcher block counters and wooden or wood-effect worktops are another excellent option for warming the space, while metallic touches like a stainless steel range can help it stay looking rustic without losing its simple sophistication.

While we’re on that note, a white kitchen is the ideal backdrop for chic metallic finishes and accents, from silver and gold to brass and copper (very on-trend!). If you want to give your white kitchen a bit of an industrial feel, this is particularly one to consider!

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