Nature Inspired Designer Kitchen

4 ideas to help you create a nature-inspired designer kitchen

The first few months of 2020 before lockdown seem like an eternity ago, and in the few months following we all had to deal with a lot of change, and a lot of disruption to our daily lives. Hundreds of thousands of us turned to nature to help try and ease the new stresses these changes brought, and now that the strictest lockdown measures are over for most of the country, more and more of us are looking at how we can incorporate the nature’s more soothing elements into our daily lives.

We’ve certainly had our fair share of customers recently here at Kitchen Design Centre asking about how we can help them create nature inspired kitchens, with all the beauty and serenity that they can provide. So if you’re thinking something similar, here are a few ideas to get you started!

Choose your colour scheme carefully

When most of our customers choose the colours for their designer kitchens, many of them like to start with one colour and then work upwards from there. You can do the same with a nature inspired kitchen, but there are also a couple of other routes you can take – you might want to start with earthy colours of green and brown, and work your way around the colour wheel from there.

Alternatively, you could base the look of your kitchen on an image from nature. The beautiful thing about this approach is that colours rarely clash in nature, so by drawing your inspiration from of an image of a particularly vibrant plant, or the grand majesty of a beach cliff-face, you can find all sorts of colours which will make an excellent basis for your kitchen’s colour scheme.

Get the right materials and textures

Get the right materials and textures

Wood and stone are obviously the most popular go-tos for nature-inspired kitchens, given that they’re naturally occurring themselves. There are all sorts of ways you can incorporate them – you can use exposed wood for your kitchen cabinets for example, or untreated wood for your kitchen cabinets.

Or, you could define the appearance of your kitchen with stone, which provides a cooler colour tone while giving your kitchen a more rugged, hard-wearing appearance that’s reminiscent of the industrial working kitchens of the early 19th century. If you need help deciding on a particular material, or how to incorporate it into your kitchen, our designers are always happy to help with a bit of inspiration!

Think about the lighting

Thinking about the lighting

When it comes to providing light for your kitchen, obviously natural light is the most desirable option. We’ve spoken before on the blog about natural light, but to recap it briefly, it epitomises everything that people love about nature – it’s beautiful, it’s energising, and it just makes us feel happy. Larger windows and skylights are therefore a popular choice to bring more natural light into your kitchen, and you might also want to think about using glass panels on your doors, and similar features. If you can, try and keep your window sills clear from too many decorations or clutter, so as to help the light reflect around your kitchen.

And if your opportunities for letting in natural light are limited, then it’s best to keep the lighting soft, rather than making it too bright or harsh. Obviously, there’s a balance to be struck in keeping it understated but practical too (you’ll always want to be able to see what you’re doing!), so again that’s where our designers can help.

Add the finishing touches

Finally, you’ve got no shortage of options to add a bit of organic life into your kitchen in the form of small decorations or ornaments. You can take your pick between spices, herbs, grains and fruits. Some of our customers are particularly fond of vibrant options like oranges, lemons, apples and bananas, which are great for adding a pop of colour to their surroundings – but really, it’s all up to you!

And if you need a little help or a steer in the right direction, that’s what our designers are here for. Each of them has years of experience and an innate natural talent that makes them the perfect people to help your dream kitchen become a reality. Why not find your nearest kitchen showroom here?

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