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4 questions to ask yourself before designing your dream kitchen

Kitchen planning can seem like a daunting task when you’re at the starting line. With a list of elements that need to be considered, from the finish of your worktops to the layout of your cupboards, and a desire to get things just right, it’s certainly not something to be rushed! Having said that, while taking the time to plan early-on may be time-consuming, we find it tends to make everything go a lot more smoothly and easily for designer kitchens later down the line.

We’re often asked by customers in our designer kitchen showroom where’s the best place to begin – and in that case, we always advise them to ask themselves a certain few questions. These can help determine what you want your space to be, which elements are absolute musts, and give you a clearer vision to move forward with. Give them a try and watch your plans start to take shape!

1. How will you use your space?

Establishing the function of your kitchen should be the first step in every planning process. Your kitchen is so much more than a place to cook food – it’s the very heart of your home! If you have children, you might want your space to be perfect for doing their homework after school, letting you spend time together as you cook and they learn. Or perhaps you love to entertain guests, in which case a social kitchen where you can show off your culinary skills is a must.

Consider whether you’ll want to eat in the kitchen, how often you cook, and how many people you usually cook for. All of your answers will start to build a picture of how your kitchen should look, even if you can’t see it yet!

2. Are there any must-have items on your wishlist?

If you’ve visited a designer kitchen showroom and spotted a cream coloured farmhouse range cooker that you absolutely need, or a bold sunset orange tile that you still dream about, add them to your must-have wishlist. These are items that you really love and are considered non-negotiables. If you won’t compromise on an item, add it to your list!

Once you’ve built your list (and we’d recommend keeping it fairly small at this point), you can start to build the rest of your room around it. Perhaps you find a kettle that perfectly compliments your cooker, or a neutral wall paint that lets those tiles pop. As soon as you’ve picked your staples, other elements will naturally start to slot into place.

3. What is the most efficient layout for your space?

Planning designer kitchens is about more than the design details. It’s also about practicality. In other words, creating a space that’s fit for purpose and comfortable to use – which is where your layout comes in. Before you get too attached to any design ideas, you need to consider which layout is best for you and your space.

Look at where your plumbing and electrical wiring is, and whether it’s worth moving those if you want your sink or fridge on another wall. Think about how doors will open and where appliances will sit, and whether there’ll be enough space for two people to move past each other. Many professionals also like to make zones in their kitchen designs, such as a cooking zone, a washing up zone, and an eating zone.

4. Which styles are you drawn to?

If you’ve been looking through home decor magazines or scrolling through designer kitchens online, you might find that you’re drawn to certain looks. Perhaps it’s sleek minimalism that gets your heart racing, or you’re more inclined to fawn over rustic cottage kitchens with hearty hearths and plenty of natural wood. If you’ve identified that you’re drawn to certain styles, that’s great news! You’ve identified your ideal look and can begin focusing on how to transfer that into your space.

Planning a kitchen is a large task, but it’s also exciting! If you’re looking for more inspiration before you get started, feel free to take a look at our designer kitchens or pop into one of our beautiful designer kitchen showrooms across the north west of England. Our designers will be more than happy to help you start putting your ideas together and creating a plan that you’ll love!

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