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How to add wood into your kitchens design

Although wood is perhaps one of the simplest materials, it can make a huge impact in terms of kitchen design. The classic material is ideal for statement pieces and creating a traditional farmhouse kitchen design, thanks to its warmth and durability.

Incorporating wood into your kitchen design

A wooden breakfast bar design

Wood is a great material to use in the kitchen. It not only looks good, it’s sturdy too and helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any home. It’s the natural texture of wood and its colour that adds warmth to a kitchen. Unlike reflective surfaces, which can make a space feel larger and cooler, wooden surfaces keep things cosy and warm. Most woods, like timber and oak, come in warmer colours too – guaranteed to warm up your kitchen space. You’ve only got to picture a traditional farmhouse kitchen to know what we mean.

Best of all, there are plenty of ways to incorporate wood into your kitchen design. You could opt for wooden floorboards, wooden cabinetry or wooden furnishings and accessories. We always advise using wood sparingly throughout your design to avoid making your kitchen look out-dated.

Warmed-up kitchens at Kitchen Design Centre

How to add wood into your kitchens design wooden corner bar

If you browse the customer kitchens section of the website, you’ll find that many of our kitchens feature wood. While wood is not often the main material used, it’s used to accent and add warmth to a space.

In the Mr & Mrs Hall’s new designer kitchen design, we added a wooden dining table to complement the modern design. Choosing the right colour and texture was important in getting the look just right – as was the shape of the table, which was curved in style.

The Robertson’s had their heart set on a modern kitchen too, but were keen to feature in traditional wood. The couple’s kitchen, which was designed in a chic white and grey colour palette, was accentuated with wooden features. These included a wooden table, wood-effect wall and fittings that combined modern textures with wood. As we used a variety of woods, the kitchen remained contemporary in style as opposed to looking dated.

An English country kitchen was top priority for Mr and Mrs Lockett. They wanted a warm and welcoming space to relax in and for socialising with friends and family. A variety of wood textures helped them to achieve this look. Old, textured wood was used for the couple’s kitchen table while painted wood was used for their cupboards. The pair also enhanced their kitchen with wood accessories and a statement oak beam. Visit the case study page to find out more.

Feeling inspired? Why not pay a visit to your nearest designer kitchen showroom to take a look at our traditional kitchen designs, many of which feature wood. Our designers will also be on hand to discuss your kitchen needs and help you start planning the kitchen of your dreams.

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