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Happy customers and award nominations are always good indicators that we’re doing a great job at Kitchen Design Centre – so we were delighted to find out we had a double whammy with one of our 2014 kitchens.

One of our most stylish, contemporary kitchen, designed by Simon Thomas, here at Kitchen Design Centre, not only delighted the owners, it’s up for an award too!

The modern kitchen was designed with style in mind. Sleek German made units were integrated into the design, along with high-tech Neff appliances and wow-factor features. Some of which included, high definition LED strip lighting and perimeter lighting around the family’s kitchen island.

What’s more, the kitchen was designed with the rest of the family home in mind too – giving them views of their terrific garden, which they could enjoy when dining around their kitchen island.

Neff award nomination

This particular kitchen has been nominated for a Neff Excellence Award in the category of Best Kitchen Design using Neff over £20,000. The judging panel behind this award will be looking for a highly desirable, extremely well planned and designed kitchen. We know that it ticked all the boxes for the family in question, so we hope that the judging panel feel the same too.

neff excellence master partner awards

As a Neff award, the judging panel will of course be taking a closer look at all the appliances we’ve used and assessing whether they’ve been sited in the best place and whether they meet the customer’s requirements.

Of course, a great kitchen isn’t just about good design and appliances, it’s also about creativity and thinking outside the box – all qualities we believe each and every one of our designers possess. With that in mind, the judging panel will also be looking at our creative use of space and materials – assessing whether the overall result is both practical and stunning.

So, in practical terms, what should you consider when designing your own winning kitchen?

6 tips for a winning kitchen

1) German kitchen design 

A modern German kitchen always adds a bit of wow-factor to your home. Famous for their sleek lines, efficiency and offerings of greater space, they’re a great option to consider when redesigning your kitchen.

simon thomas Neff Excellence Award nominated kitchen

2) Open plan design

An open plan design is great for sociable couples and families alike. The layout allows for optimum multitasking – allowing you to cook for your family and guests while entertaining them.

3) Up-to-date appliances

Modern appliances make cooking easy. Neff products in particular look great, often combine several functionalities into one product and make preparing and serving a delicious dinner simple.

Neff B46E74 Slide Hide Oven

4) Clean lines and minimal clutter

In a great looking kitchen everything has its own place. Features like kitchen islands store away a multitude of sins while adding style and functionality to a kitchen.

5) Proper lighting

The importance of good lighting can’t be ignored when it comes to kitchen design. Consider layered and under cabinet lighting for even more wow. Multiple light level settings can also add a beautiful touch to your kitchen.

proper kitchen lighting

6) Your own unique stamp

Your kitchen should embody your likes, dislikes and personal tastes. So if you want to add a touch of the country kitchen or add a bright coloured feature wall – go for it! Just make sure it works alongside all the other design features in the room.

Why do you think your kitchen is a winning kitchen? Tell us about your standout kitchen style in the comments below or tweet us @ModernKitchens

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