Balancing the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen

Balancing the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen

Aesthetics is obviously a crucial element in kitchen design. But efficiency and economy of movement should always be equally key philosophies. By following key design principles, however, you can have it all; a good-looking kitchen that’s efficient and functional too. In today’s blog, we’re showing you a few ways to balance aesthetics and functionality – ensuring you get the most out of your kitchen space.

Six steps to a perfectly balanced kitchen design

A perfectly balanced kitchen

  1. Never forget the kitchen triangle

Whatever style ideas you have in mind, don’t forget the kitchen triangle. Otherwise referred to as the work triangle, it ensures efficiency in the kitchen – keeping all major work stations near the cooking and minimising traffic in the kitchen.

  1. Consider a kitchen island

If you’re looking to enhance your kitchen space by introducing furniture that’s both aesthetic and functional, we recommend a kitchen island. A kitchen island is a great focal point while being multi-functional too. It can serve as a breakfast bar, food preparation space and can offer up plenty of storage – all while looking great!

  1. Opt for integrated appliances

We all need appliances – but sometimes they don’t do the aesthetics of our kitchen space any favours. Standalone appliances are often bulky and don’t fit with the sleek lines of a kitchen. What’s more, it can be difficult to colour match all your appliances too. Integrated appliances, however, do the job and look fantastic too!

  1. Go open plan

An open plan kitchen tends to be the most functional choice for all homes and families. Whether you like to watch over your children while you prepare food or you enjoy throwing dinner parties, an open plan kitchen is a winning choice. Open plan kitchens are stylish and welcoming – but best of all, they’re functional too. In fact, for many homeowners, the open plan kitchen has become the heart of the home.

  1. Keep it minimalist

Minimalism is a huge trend right now – which is no surprise considering it meets both aesthetic and functional criteria. A minimalist kitchen looks good, oozing modern charm with its clean, crisp appearance, and puts functionality first too. In a minimalist kitchen, you’ll find design features like understated handles and hidden storage that tick all the boxes.

  1. Make the most of natural light

Natural light is the best kind of light. It helps make a space feel larger and brighter while creating a feel of openness too. While you’ll always need task lighting, we always advise making the most of natural light. It makes cooking and working in the kitchen more enjoyable and enhances the look and feel of your kitchen too.

Why not browse our top kitchen styles to get some inspiration? All of our designs perfectly combine good looks with functionality for a kitchen that meets all your needs.

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