Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

design ideas for small kitchens

For those living in flats, apartments or small homes, the kitchen can be the most frustrating room in the house with a seemingly impossible number of items to fit into a limited space. However, having a tiny kitchen can have its advantages; nothing you need is ever far away, you have no excuse not to be organised and get creative with your cupboards, shelving and storage.

Here are some design ideas for small kitchens, where the goal is maximising storage and creating the illusion of space.

Use Light Colours

A predominance of pastels and muted colours can really open up a room. Don’t be afraid to use a white or off-white colour palette for a spacious and airy look. You can even buy paint with light reflecting particles specifically designed to open up small spaces. If you have your heart set on a deep or dark colour, use it as an accent to a paler colour scheme. For cupboards, consider choosing a light wood, or painting your cupboards in a light colour.

Make Use of Alcoves and Niches with Open Shelving

Often, niches found in older kitchens are a little too shallow to facilitate standard-sized units. Use bespoke open shelving to utilise this space. You can even make this into a decorative feature.

Stick to Single Colours

Whilst opting for pastel shades undoubtedly opens up a kitchen, a one-colour palette can achieve a similar effect. Choose gloss finishes to reflect the light.

Maximise Long Walls

If you have a long stretch of unbroken wall space, don’t be afraid to install a line of units or cabinets to maximise storage and worktop space.

Channel Shaker Style

Minimalist but with a touch of rustic charm, the austere but chic whitewashed colours, sleek lines, vertical panelling and clean woods that characterise Shaker style kitchens are perfect for small kitchen spaces.

Skylights, Windows and French Doors

Nothing creates the illusion of space in a kitchen quite like letting the light in. Skylights are a great idea, but not all kitchens can accommodate them. You can also consider French windows or patio doors to quite literally open up the room.

Consider an Island

If your kitchen has enough floor space for an island, then great! Islands provide extra worktop space and a considerable amount of storage. If not, don’t worry, you could substitute a stylish kitchen trolley that can be wheeled around easily, or even opt for storage seating.

Wall-Mount Knife Racks

In small kitchens, worktop space is at a premium, so wall-mount knife racks, utensils and pots and pans to keep them clear.
Corner Storage

Don’t write off awkward corner areas. There are a host of ways to make your corners work for you, including corner shelving, bespoke corner units and even pull-out cupboards with Lazy Susan style spiral storage.

Hopefully some of those ideas should give you some inspiration for making the most of your small kitchen.

Have any creative space-saving ideas of your own? Share them with us below in the comments or tweet us @modernkitchens

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