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The Secrets To Designing A Pet-Friendly Kitchen

It’s certainly no secret that we’re a nation of animal lovers here in the UK. There are estimated to be 20 million pets in the whole of Britain; for those of you counting, that’s very nearly one in every two homes!

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that a growing concern for homeowners these days is how to design their kitchens in a way that suits their pets, too. Well, never fear – at Kitchen Design Centre, we’re way ahead of you. This week on the blog, we’re looking at just a couple of ways that you can design your kitchen in complete harmony with your furry friends.

Protecting Pets In Your Kitchen…

The key to getting your pets and your kitchen to exist in harmony is to plan everything out from the beginning – you can of course make adjustments later, but if you’re going for a complete redesign it’s far easier to implement all of your ideas right from the beginning. (Here at Kitchen Design Centre, our designers always work closely with you to achieve a space that meets your needs – and we’re only too happy to provide input when required!)

Start by thinking small, and looking for what might pose the most danger to your pet. Your ingredients list is a prime target, being both heavily scented and essentially edible – dogs can barely resist! Handleless kitchen designs really come into their own here, as it makes it much harder to pets to get at what’s piquing their curiosity, keeping them safer from potentially hazardous substances like chocolate and coffee. Larders and high shelving have similar advantages, and the height can even protect them from more agile animals like cats.

Appliances like induction hobs not only provide a whole host of advantages to you (being renowned for their efficiency, amongst other things), but they also help keep your pets safe, too. They use an electromagnetic circuit so that they’re only ever heating up when a pan is actually in contact with them – reducing the risk of your pet burning themselves on open gas flames.

pet friendly contemporary kitchen

…And Protecting Your Kitchen From Your Pets!

Durable worktops are the first order of the day. You’ll want hardwearing materials that protect them from excitable claws and padding feet. Your cat might not thank you, but you’ll certainly thank yourself! You’ll likely also want something that’s relatively easy to clean, saving you time from having to constantly wipe them down (a principle that can be applied to your kitchen cabinets, too).

It’s also worth considering the colour scheme of your kitchen. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that pets can be very messy, and if you’ve got a particularly large canine whom you think could be a main culprit in muddying your pristine floors, you might want to steer away from an all-white ensemble. This doesn’t mean that contemporary kitchen designs are off the table – far from it! – but it’s a good idea to prepare yourself in advance by identifying the areas that will probably need cleaning the most regularly. After all, it would be a shame to invest in a brand-new kitchen only to have it not looking at its best!

If you have any specific questions or concerns, of course, don’t forget that at Kitchen Design Centre, we’re always here to help. Our expert designers have years of experience and a wealth of talent in helping you to realise the kitchen of your dreams. Just pop into one of our designer kitchen showrooms in Manchester, Blackburn or Barrowford, where we’d love to have a chat about your vision!

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