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How Can You Design Your Kitchen To Be A Happy Place To Be?

Everyone loves being happy – so it only makes sense to have a kitchen that makes you happy, too. When it comes to design, at Kitchen Design Centre our talented staff know that there are lots of ways we can affect the space to bring out our most positive, cheerful moods, so this week on the blog we’re taking a look at just a few of the most effective ways to do just that!

Using Colour And Light In Your Kitchen

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Probably none too surprisingly, colour has a powerful ability to effect our moods. As a designer kitchen company, we know that’s what makes it such a potent design tool! Bright, bold tones like oranges, reds and blues can give your kitchen a vibrant burst of colour that has a cheerful, energising effect, and is just lovely to look at. This is often most effective in clean, contemporary kitchens, as white both reflects light – making the entire room seem brighter – and helps individual colours stand out, accentuating them for the casual eye.

Even more fascinatingly, science says that individual colours can have very specific effects on our outlook and moods. While the oranges and reds we mentioned above have a fun vibe to kickstart your day, cooler colours like greys and greens have a calming effect that can help you relax and unwind in your kitchen. So which is better? Well, that’s up to you! It’s about whatever makes you feel most comfortable in your kitchen, and therefore whatever makes you happiest.

While we’re on the topic, natural light is also a design element that can have a massive influence on our happiness and energy levels. Humans are naturally daylight animals, which is why it makes us feel more positive and energetic. At Kitchen Design Centre, we try and incorporate it into our designs as much as we can.

Don’t Forget To Accessorise!

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So now that we’ve talked about colour, you’re probably wondering “how can I incorporate it into my kitchen?” The answer is: in tons of ways! Not just through things like your kitchen cabinetry, but also through your appliances like ovens or microwaves. Then you’ve got utensils like toasters, kettles and pans, each of which is ripe for a dab of colour to brighten up your kitchen. You can apply those same colours to your kitchen furniture like dining chairs or bar stools, or to the fabrics that adorn them. The options are almost endless!

Accessorising doesn’t have to just be about colour though. You can add an extra dose of cheer to your day by framing happy family memories in places where you can easily see them as you go about cooking your evening meal. On a similar note, souvenirs from fondly-recalled holidays can take pride of place on worktops or windowsills. Small potted plants are a great option too, as they not only add some life but also a bit of colour at the same time.

Above all, express yourself! Making your kitchen feel truly ‘you’ is the best way to make yourself feel happy and contented in it, day after day.

Maximise Your Working Space

maximising kitchen space

This is one of our final points, but it’s no less important. As you’re accessorising, put everything in its proper place. It might not sound like much, but you’ll be amazed at how much difference this makes. Having your kitchen feel cluttered can make even big spaces feel claustrophobic and stressful.

Just organising your cupboard space and keeping everything neatly ordered can make your kitchen feel roomy and spacious, which has a further calming effect on us. It’s difficult to properly relax when you’re surrounded by mess! What’s more, by doing this you’re also saving yourself the time of having to empty cupboards looking for ingredients when it comes to cooking, which is an extra bonus!

At Kitchen Design Centre, we’re big believers in kitchens that makes you happy. After all, a kitchen is the heart of the home, so spending time in it should definitely make you feel comfortable and content. If you’ve got some ideas on how to brighten up your kitchen, we’re only too happy to hear them! We’ve got showroom locations in Manchester, Blackburn and Colne, so feel free to pop into one of our award-winning showrooms to chat to our designers in person.

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