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Essential features of a well designed kitchen

One of the aspects we love most about kitchen design is that no two spaces we design for customers are exactly the same. We mould the styles and functions of each one to be a true reflection of their owners, catering to their lifestyles. So, every kitchen you’ll find in our customer kitchens is unique to our clients – but having said that, there are one or two features that all well designed kitchens have in common…

1. Smart storage and cupboard space

One thing you definitely can’t afford to have as an afterthought is storage. After all, if you don’t have efficient storage in your kitchen, it becomes much more difficult to use it properly! What you keep in your kitchen will depend a lot on what you like to prepare and cook, so thinking about your likes and dislikes is an essential consideration when redesigning your kitchen. It’s not just about what you use, either, but how often you’ll find yourself using it – so be sure to bear that in mind! Thankfully, today there’s no shortage of efficient storage solutions you can use for your kitchen, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

2. Effortlessly stylish worktops that are both practical and durable

Your kitchen worktops are one of the biggest influences on your kitchen’s overall style, so it’s important to choose them carefully from the beginning, so that their look complements the overall appearance of your space. What’s more, you’ll also need them to be durable enough to handle the demands of your space, including whether they’re at risk of chipping or damage in tight family spaces. Thankfully, most modern worktops are more than capable of handling this, but it’s still wise to give it a thought, just in case!

Sparkle kitchen worktop

3. Beautiful fittings and high quality appliances

The true workhorses of your kitchen are, of course, your appliances. We’re a Neff Master Partner here at Kitchen Design Centre (even winning one of their industry awards recently), which means we’re the perfect people to help you equip your kitchen with powerful, innovative and efficient appliances. Again, you’ll need to think about what ones work best for your space, especially if it’s limited. For extractor fans, for example, a high-tech solution like a downdraft extractor can help you keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clear without compromising on space.
Equally, your fittings serve both practical functional purposes and beautiful aesthetic ones, too. A useful kitchen cupboard can be given a fresh style with the addition of understated handles, and a standard sink can be lifted with a marvellous Quooker tap.

4. Carefully considered lighting

Your lighting can have a hugely dramatic effect over your final design, and you can use it to reflect the atmosphere you want for your space. Soft, warm lighting can make it look cosy and inviting, whereas brighter white lighting can enhance the effect of a modern or contemporary kitchen. You can even make them design features in and of themselves – for this open plan barn conversion, for instance, our designer Paul Harrington incorporated feature pendant lighting above the peninsula, for an intriguing final effect.

modern chic

5. A distinct aesthetic and style

While you’re thinking about all these various elements, you’ll also need to plan how they all harmonise and complement each other, to give your kitchen a distinct look and personality. Having too many competing colours or textures in a space can all too easily end up making it look cluttered and messy. To avoid this, you can always look at some of the most popular styles of designer kitchens – for example, contemporary kitchens, industrial styles, or a country farmhouse space. That’s not to say your kitchen needs to fit exactly into these templates, of course; you can blend several of them together to make your kitchen look and feel unique. They can, however, give you excellent starting points to finalise your vision for your dream kitchen!

And that’s where our designers come in. Our mission is to help you realise every inch of your vision for your dream kitchen, and we’ve got the experience, expertise, and passion to help you do it. Feel free to take a look through our case studies to see what we’ve achieved for previous customers, or simply pay a visit to your nearest kitchen showroom. We’ve got designer kitchen showrooms in Manchester, Colne and Blackburn, and you can be sure that our designers in every one of them will be only too pleased to see you!

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