Germany calling

Germany calling!

Our annual trip to the Häcker factory in Germany is always a hotly anticipated event on our yearly calendar here at Kitchen Design Centre. Kitchen design has always been a very fast-moving industry, so the trip is extremely important to us, as it provides us with a valuable opportunity to keep our knowledge and skills up to date with all the latest kitchen design trends and technologies. This is what enables us to provide you with the very latest kitchen designs, many of which you can see displayed in our exquisitely crafted showrooms and real customer kitchens!

Beautifully bold

Beautifully bold

Häcker is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of kitchen furniture in the world, and one of our key partners here at Kitchen Design Centre. If you take a look around any of our kitchen showrooms dotted around the North West, you’ll be able to see with your own eyes just how influential the German giant has been in the design process behind each of our displays.

Given that we make this trip every year, we’ve come to expect big things from Häcker, and it’s safe to say that we weren’t disappointed by what we saw. This year’s exhibition definitely put an emphasis on bold statements, with dark colours and moody designs taking centre stage. Many of the kitchen prototypes featured deliciously dark colour worktops with luxurious hues like azure and burgundy. These eye popping colour schemes were coupled with Häcker’s unrivalled knack for cutting edge technology, making for an experience that felt like part art exhibition, and part tour of a kitchen from the future.

Inspiring design

Inspiring design

You can be sure that you’ll definitely be seeing some Häcker inspired kitchen creations coming to a Kitchen Design Centre near you soon. Designers from all of our showrooms took part in the trip to Germany, and all have spoken very highly about how they hope to work elements of the Häcker displays into their own kitchen designs.

Our experienced designer Simon Thomas was extremely impressed with the “free thinking designs which offered both flexibility and availability.” The bold, earthy designs are a real sign of things to come in the world of kitchen design, and there’s a real emphasis on not being afraid to experiment with bold statements and colours. As Simon would say, “less is not more, more is more!”

Of course, there’s plenty more we can say about our trip to Germany, but if we went into exhaustive detail you’d be here forever! As always, we got plenty of inspiration from our Häcker visit, so if you want to find out how we’re putting it into practice, why not pay a visit to one of our designer kitchen showrooms?

We’ve got locations in Blackburn, Manchester, Liverpool and Barrowford, so wherever you live in the North West you’ve never got far to go before you can sit down and have a chat with one of our friendly, talented designers, every one of whom is deeply passionate about helping you to make your dream kitchen a reality!

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