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Neff Cookaholics campaign

Are you a Cookaholic? Or perhaps you suffer from mageirocophobia – a fear of cooking… Whether you’re the next Masterchef or you’d prefer to leave the cooking to the experts, we’d really recommend checking out Neff’s Cookaholics campaign.

Neff Cookaholics: What’s it all about?

Neff Cookaholics is all about creating delicious food and inspiring others to get creative in the kitchen. One of the things we love most about the Cookaholics campaign is that it allows everyday kitchen cooks to share their expertise with anyone else who may be passionate about food.

Neff Cookaholics features several experts who’ve all got real cooking talent. All the recipes they share will use a wide range of Neff appliances to guarantee the dishes are cooked to perfection. Over on the Cookaholics webpage, Neff will also be showcasing some of their favourite appliances and giving tips on how you can use them to chef up great food.

Passionate foodies: The heart of good food

On the Cookaholics webpage you’ll find a wide range of passionate foodies who have a talent when it comes to creating great food. The experts specialise in everything from baking scrumptious gingerbread villages right through to cooking delicious Michelin recognised dishes. The experts won’t just showcase their culinary delights though.

They will also be sharing their top cooking tips and giving you the lowdown on everything from the dishing up the best braised short rib to creating pretty looking pizzas with pizza art.

Where to find the Cookaholics

You’ll find the home of the Cookaholics here, on the Neff website, but the team behind the campaign will also be taking over social media – giving you tons of foodie inspiration for 2015.

There will be interviews and instructional guides on YouTube as well as culinary chatter over on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also be able to discover recipes and top tips over on Instagram and Pinterest – as well as share your own culinary expertise with others.

You can find the community on the following social media handles:

Facebook: /bakeityourself

Twitter: @_bakeityourself

Pinterest: /biybyneff

Instagram: /_bakeityourself

YouTube: /bakeityourself

Join the Cookaholics online

If you’re the next Mary Berry or Jamie Oliver, the Neff team would love to hear from you. You can share your foodie tips across social media and inspire the cooking community. So whether you’re an expert at cooking the perfectly risen soufflé, or know how to add a special kick to a curry, share your secrets with other Cookaholics online.

The Cookaholics is a great social space for anyone with a passion for cooking or baking. But if you tend to shy away from the kitchen, the Cookaholics community could also be a great place for you. With insider tips and recipes from the pros, there’s not doubt that you’ll soon be joining the ranks of the experts in your own kitchen too!

Are you a keen cook or a mageirocophobiac? Tell us your culinary success stories (or failures!) in the comments below or tweet us over @ModernKitchens

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