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At Kitchen Design Centre we use a wide variety of materials in our projects – but we’ve got to admit we do have a few favourites. Corian is not just one of the top choices of our clients; it’s also one we love in house due to its versatility, high quality and its sleek, professional look.

Comprised of acrylic resin and natural materials, Corian comes as a smooth, solid, non-porous and homogenous surface – perfect for a wide variety of uses. It’s manufactured in three thicknesses, ensuring suitability for everything from your cupboard doors to kitchen worktops and has that sleek finish we all love. In fact, one of the main selling points of Corian is its seamless finish – a necessity for that modern kitchen look.

 7 reasons why we love Corian

  • It’s hygienic and easy to clean.
  • It’s heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius – meaning no nasty marks from hot pans!
  • It’s durable and completely solid.
  • It’s available in a wide range of colours – none of which are subject to wearing away.
  • It’s hardwearing and ideal for working on – hence perfect for worktops.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty covering both the product and installation.
  • It’s extremely complementary to all kitchen design. With its wide range of colours and unique texture, corian looks great when styled with stainless steel, wood and glass.

How to use Corian in your kitchen

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As we mentioned before, Corian has an impressive range of applications. From traditional – yet stylish – worktops, to seamlessly curved islands and breakfast bars. It can literally be moulded in any way you like – meaning sink bowls and splashbacks no longer have to remain distinct from other features. Instead they can be integrated into your kitchen design with a smooth and seamless finish.

Corian also allows you to get creative with shapes. Fancy a circular island or curved S shape worktops? The malleability of Corian allows you to achieve just that, creating the kitchen of your dreams.

As Corian is available in almost any colour, you can also add a playful or dramatic touch to your kitchen with focal points. A curved red wall feature or blue fronted cupboards are great options for the more adventurous customer.

View our Corian-inspired kitchens today

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Want to explore what Corian can do for your kitchen? Pop into one of our designer kitchen showrooms and browse our Corian kitchen designs. One of our designers will happily talk you through the details and how and why we’ve used Corian in each kitchen. We’ll also be happy to start talking about how we can integrate the material into your kitchen for that chic and modern revamp for 2015. You can find out showroom locations here on our contact page.

You’ll also find plenty of customer case studies on our website with images of Corian-finished kitchens – for example, here and here.

How have you used corian in your kitchen design? Share your Corian kitchen details in the comments below or tweet them to us @ModernKitchens

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