Getting to know your Neff oven

Getting to know your neff oven

When it comes to appliances, the Neff CircoTherm oven is always a huge hit amongst Kitchen Design Centre clients. Why? Because it’s sleek, sophisticated, and offers a huge range of options – making cooking a breeze.

Whether you pick a single or double oven from Neff, you’ll be able to experience the excellence of CircoTherm. Allowing users to cook multiple dishes at the same time, cooking is easier and quicker with CircoTherm functionality. What’s more, the food tastes fantastic too because of even heat transference through the oven cavity and no loss of heat when opening the oven door. So whether you’re looking for crisp sweet potato fries or succulent roast dinners you can be sure of the perfect result with Neff.

How it works

What sets CircoTherm apart from your traditional oven is that it continuously circulates hot air around the oven in a unique way, meaning the desired temperature is achieved more quickly and evenly. In fact, you don’t even need to pre-heat your CircoTherm oven!

As the hot air is focused directly onto the food being cooked, the heat is evenly distributed on shelves 1, 3 and 4, while shelf 2 will have a lower temperature. This means that a three-course meal can be cooked at the same time on three shelf levels without the flavours intermingling. The results are more even too, meaning there’s no need to turn food items such as fish, burgers and steaks half way through cooking.

CircoTherm functionality

Another benefit of the CircoTherm is the huge range of settings it offers. These include:

CircoTherm Eco

This setting is ideal for cooking frozen and convenience foods, bread, cake and meats using just the one level. It uses 30% less energy as is optimised for cooking foods on one shelf.

CircoTherm Intensive

Using a combination of CircoTherm and bottom heat, this setting is perfect for cooking foods which need a crispy underside – such as pizza and specialty breads. It also eliminates the need for blind baking items such as lemon meringue pie.

Top/Bottom Heat

Ideal for baking, this oven setting provides conventional cooking heat sources from the top and bottom of the oven.

Bottom Heat

With this setting, heat is provided from the bottom of the oven. Perfect for pizza bases, pastry, casseroles and Bain Marie.


The CircoTherm allows you to defrost with ease using the CircoTherm fans that circulate air around the oven. The setting is perfect for meat and poultry as well as more delicate foods.

Circo Roasting

Great for your Sunday lunch, this setting gives your meat and poultry a rotisserie result. What’s more, cooking time is reduced as the grill and oven alternate distribution of heat.

Bread Baking

If you’ve struggled baking the perfect loaf in the past, the CircoTherm may be your answer. Ideal for baking bread with an open texture, this setting allows for up to three levels of bread to be baked at a time.

Dough Proving

Another essential for baking, this function provides a warm, moist environment, perfect for proving yeast dough while improving the texture and quality of pastry foods.

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning

Forget traditional oven cleaning products. When you are finished cooking you can choose this function, which heats up the oven to approximately 485 degrees, burning off any left over deposits and leaving you with a sparkly clean oven.

Features and accessories to enhance your cooking

getting to know your neff oven appliances

While the CircoTherm offers more than enough functionality for the average cook, Neff also has a whole range of accessories to add to your CircoTherm to make cooking even easier. From AquaAssist, for perfectly moist food, to the Slide&Hide door for even more flexibility, you’ll find something for every need. You can discover the wide range of accessories here  .

To find out more about Neff products, visit your nearest kitchen showroom today. We’ll also be able to tell you about any upcoming Neff events coming to a showroom near you soon.

Do you have a Neff oven? If so, tell us what you love most about its functionality. Leave your comments below, or tweet them to us @ModernKitchens

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