Have a flipping marvellous pancake day


Today is arguably the best day of the British calendar today: Shrove Tuesday, better known to many (at least those of us who think with our stomachs!) as Pancake Day. And what better way to celebrate than by whipping up a batch of perfect pancakes in a gorgeous modern kitchen?

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite pancake fillings so you can have a flipping marvellous pancake day!

Fabulous Fillings for your Pancakes

The question of whether to opt for sweet and savoury fillings in your pancakes is one that continues to divide the Great British public. Traditionalists opt for classics like lemon and sugar, while the more adventurous gastronomes plump for more exotic choices like pancetta and porcini mushrooms.

So, without choosing a side, here are a few of Kitchen Design Centre’s favourites:

Baked Somerset Brie with Roasted vegetables

This gorgeous savoury pancake filling can be left to cook in the oven while you get on with the important job of flipping.

While the recipe suggests serving up with focaccia or baguette, we love the idea of adding a few fresh herbs to your pancake batter then folding the hot pancakes over this gooey, melty mixture.

Banana and Nutella Crèpes

Tuck into a European favourite and trick the kids into having some fruit with these Banana and Nutella crèpes!

Using a quick heating induction hob and non-stick pan, make some extra thin pancakes that you can top with a generous smear of Nutella and row upon row of fresh chopped banana. Finish off with a dust of icing sugar, and you’re in for a treat.

German oven pancakes with apples

This recipe for traditional German oven pancakes is fabulous, fruity and wholesome. Started off in a skillet (a frying pan will do nicely!) and finished up in the oven, this succulent recipe is a real family-pleaser.

Top quality kitchen appliances will always help in events like these. Our quick-heating induction hobs and Neff ovens are perfect for a recipe like this, which requires a couple of hobs and a pre-heated oven.

More flipping marvelous favourites? Try pancetta and porcini mushrooms in a creamy sauce, roasted leeks and cheddar, or a quick summer berry coulis – easy to make on the hob with frozen berries and some honey.

Get Effortless Enjoyment

Here at Kitchen Design Centre, we don’t just love German pancakes. We think our stunning range of German kitchens are the perfect setting for a batch of freshly made pancakes (or Pfannkuchen, if you want to be authentic!).

Fitted with all the latest appliances from Neff, Quooker and other industry leaders, our German kitchens combine subtle styling, intuitive design and sleek engineering to make your kitchen experience an effortless one. If you’d like to be making pancakes in a brand new kitchen next year, talk to one of our team today!

Tell us about your perfect pancakes in the comments below, or tweet us @ModernKitchens. Is it all about the filling, or is technique the be-all and end-all? We want to know!

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