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the good stuff how a healthy-kitchen leads to a healthy life

How A Healthy Kitchen Leads To A Healthy Life

We’d all like to get a little bit healthier, but let’s be honest, sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation. The gym is so far away, whereas the chocolate is on the coffee table right there. We get it! But you’ll be happy to hear, a well-designed kitchen can help you get healthy in lots of little ways.

Healthy Eating And Your Kitchen

Healthy food

Let’s start with the obvious stuff: food! A lot of people hate the idea of dieting – they say it’s difficult and restrictive, and they’re not wrong. But passively changing your diet can be far easier than you think, and it’s a lot to do with what you keep in your kitchen. We’ve all been guilty of snacking on stashes of crisps or sweets we’ve got secreted around the house in places, but it’s far easier to avoid that if the temptation simply isn’t there. Instead, you can gradually start replacing the sweeter stuff in your kitchen with fruits like apples, pears or raspberries, which are just as sweet and far better for you. Your kitchen can help you get healthier like this because you don’t have to make the effort to break the actual habit – just switch it up a bit.

This also goes for everything else in your store cupboards. It’s all part of a cycle that works in our favour – we can easily shape our home, and our home shapes our habits, therefore we can easily shape our habits. If you’ve only got decent, wholesome ingredients to hand, you’ll find yourself making decent, wholesome meals. (Personally, we at KDC are partial to a cheeky chicken wrap occasionally.) Similarly, if you’ve got a well-equipped kitchen with a good range of cutlery and spice racks, there’s no point letting them all just sit there unused; you’ll almost definitely find yourself cooking more often, which is always good news – even if the meal itself isn’t a paragon of healthy eating, at least you know exactly what’s going in it!

Healthy Living And How The Kitchen Helps

Healthy woman

Another great benefit of cooking for yourself more often is that it helps you automatically cut down on takeaway pizzas, curries and Chinese. Takeaway is lovely, we know, but we’d be pretty hard pressed to claim it was good for you. As well as not being fantastic for your body, they’re a little hard on your wallet, too! A well-equipped kitchen that encourages you to cook more often is not only brilliant for your own physical health, but also gives you a bit more expendable cash to spend on the more important things in life.

Speaking of money, any kitchen you can be proud of has had not only a lot of budget poured into it, but a lot of heart and soul, too. With so much financial and emotional investment in its creation, it only makes sense that you’ll want to spend a lot of time in it. The kitchen is often the place where you socialise with your family members, as you all finally see each other after a long day at work or school. In this way your kitchen promotes family unity, giving you a chance to spend some quality time together each day.

Healthy Mind And Kitchen Design

Woman in kitchen thinking

Above all, your kitchen should always be a reflection of you. If you want it to, a carefully designed kitchen can help you shape your life for the better in little ways, making it that much easier to choose the healthier options, and just that little bit harder to reach the dark side. Besides, there’s nothing quite like eating a meal you’ve cooked, with your own hands, in your own kitchen – it’s a feeling of pride that can’t be replicated by any takeaway pizza!

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