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How A Ceiling Extractor Can Transform Your Kitchen

Continuing our series on kitchen ventilation, this week we’re talking about the unique advantages of ceiling extractors. The smell of food is part of the experience when cooking and eating, but nobody wants strong smells hanging around their kitchen hours after all the plates have been cleared away.

You may have read our last instalment that talked about the benefits of downdraft extractors. Although ceiling extractors do the same job, they can give your kitchen a completely distinct look and feel. In this week’s blog, we’re taking a look at them in more detail – is a ceiling extractor right for you?

Give Yourself Space With A Recessed Ceiling Extractor

modern extraction fan design

A popular design decision involves completely recessing your extractor into the ceiling, giving you a clear sightline across your kitchen that suits a contemporary, minimalist style. Sleek recessed extractors are also especially well-suited to open plan kitchens, which is part of what makes them so fantastically on-trend. After all, a modern kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare food – they’re perfect living and leisure spaces, and truly the heart of the home. It makes sense that you’d want yours to feel as spacious and uncluttered as possible, which is just one reason why recessed extractors are so popular with our customers here at Kitchen Design Centre.

Make Your Ceiling Extractor Into A Design Feature

how a ceiling extractor can transform your kitchen

Ceiling extractors open up a whole world of design possibilities for modern kitchens, allowing you to make yours into a stunning design feature. A popular option is to line the apron with LED strips, so with just the touch of a button you can bathe your kitchen in soft warm light. This turns your ceiling extractor into a striking focal point for your kitchen, giving it new aesthetic value to match its superb functionality.

You can even go further – we’ve talked before about how you can use lighting to define space in your kitchen, which makes your ceiling extractor an invaluable resource in doing so. By doing something as minor as changing the colour of the light it casts, you can subtly influence the mood of an entire area. For example, you might want to give your cooking zone a smooth white light that enhances a clean, contemporary design. On the other hand, you might want the light to have a warmer tone that gives your space a cosy, intimate feel. There are all sorts of colours available. Like every aspect of kitchen design, ultimately it’s all up to you!

Smooth And Efficient Functionality

how a ceiling extractor can transform your kitchen

One of the most amazing things about ceiling extractors is that right from the beginning, all the science is on their side. After all, smoke, heat and smells all naturally rise, making ceiling extractors effortlessly efficient. It doesn’t have to expend any energy trying to draw the smoke or smells left or right or down; they all just naturally move towards it, which means it uses the minimum amount of energy to remove them from your kitchen. This efficiency alone is enough to make it the first choice for many of our customers when we come to designing their kitchen ventilation.

Our Real Customer Kitchens

case study example

In case you’re having a little trouble visualising how a ceiling extractor would work in your dream kitchen, we’re here to help! At Kitchen Design Centre, our Real Kitchens section of our website proudly displays several successful examples of ceiling extractors as part of some truly beautiful kitchen designs.

In their perfect family kitchen, Mr and Mr O’Doherty opted for the Faber Skypad Ceiling Extractor. It’s an impressively advanced design that uses sophisticated recirculating technology, and looks absolutely stunning. A stainless steel exterior surrounds a white glass central panel, and it’s bordered by LED light strips that cast a soft glow on the kitchen island below.

Meanwhile, you can see that in the Coe family’s chic German-design kitchen, their ceiling extractor has been artfully recessed into an unobtrusive apron that gives their kitchen a wonderfully smooth, uncluttered look. This also caters to this peerless efficiency that we mentioned above – it’s installed right above the hob, which means steam and smells don’t have a chance to spread around the kitchen before they’re removed, leaving the kitchen as fresh and spotless as before.

This is just a sample of the options that a ceiling extractor fan can give your kitchen! If you need any help or advice from the experts at our designer kitchen company, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to any of our showrooms in Manchester, Colne or Blackburn. We always look forward to seeing you!

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