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How to achieve subtle symmetry in modern kitchen design?


Looking for a simple way to create an aesthetically pleasing kitchen? Forget high-tech gadgets and super-swish design; sometimes all you need is subtle symmetry. Symmetry is often a highly desirable quality in design but with kitchen design it can be a little tricky. Not every kitchen is perfectly sized and shaped, which can make adding symmetrical features such as cabinets, appliances or islands very difficult without sacrificing space. But with top tips from the experts here at Kitchen Design Centre, you can have a symmetrical modern kitchen design in no time…

Why do we love symmetry?

Symmetrical design cues affect our subconscious, even when they are almost too subtle to be noticed. Our natural instinct draws us towards balance and symmetry, as they create a feel of harmony and stability. In fact, as far back as in ancient Rome, Vitruvius, in addition to his city grids, described the perfect home as having two identical wings divided by a garden. This look was implemented in Renaissance palaces, most of them with same size wings revolving around a circle or rectangle. In time this same symmetrical look became familiar in public buildings and upscale private homes, and now in interior design.


Creating symmetry in your kitchen

When designing a symmetrical interior it’s important to consider how you are going to achieve the look. There are a number of ways you can achieve symmetry including:

Reflection: The most common type, for example two chairs that are divided by a table.

Rotational: Objects rotated in a particular direction around a central focal point, for example a round dining room table.

Transitional: Creating the illusion of motion by repeating the same pattern multiple times within the same space, for example with kitchen tiles.

You can also reinforce the symmetrical design of your kitchen by throwing in a bit of asymmetry. This is achieved by purposefully breaking an established pattern of symmetry in order to draw attention to a particular design element, for example a kitchen island.

How to achieve subtle symmetry-in-modern kitchen design example

Simple ways to achieve symmetry include:

  • Balanced lighting – Use evenly place fixtures or a large central fixture, and balance lighting from windows with brightening features on the other side – for example a mirror.
  • Matching cabinet layout – Mirror the layout of cabinets on the opposite side of the room, or on the opposite side of a focal point such as an oven.
  • Seating – Opt for even numbers where possible and when you’ve got the option for seating on two sides, at a table, make sure the number of chairs on each side match. Bench or stool seating can also help to balance out a space.
  • Accessories – In the places your kitchen is lacking symmetry think about using accessories to bring the lagging side up to scratch. Artwork, or hanging pots and pans are just a few options you might use to create a balanced look.

For more inspiration browse our latest customer kitchen designs here. You can also visit us at one of our kitchen showrooms and take tips from our kitchen experts’ designs.

How have you implemented symmetry in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @ModernKitchens

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