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How To Add Beautiful Festive Touches To Your Kitchen

The lights are going up, and there’s a chill in the air… it can only mean one thing! Christmas is almost here, which makes it a brilliant time to think about perhaps putting some festive cheer into your own kitchen. Like all things around kitchen design, it’s all about reflecting your personality, so we’ve got a couple of quick tips for you to get started.

Creating A Christmas Atmosphere

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One of the most wonderful things about Christmas is that different people have different interpretations of it, and personal preferences on how they enjoy it. You might want a cuddly, cosy Christmas with a quiet, reflective atmosphere, or you might love all the laughter, loudness and merriment that it brings each year. Quite rightly, the atmosphere in your kitchen should reflect that. If your preference is for a quiet, intimate Christmas, you can opt for dimmer lighting and elegant, strategically placed candles for a truly cosy feel. On the other hand, you might want to go brighter and bolder, with vivid kitchen lighting to illuminate the cheery festive colours from your baubles, fabrics and statement pieces.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

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When it comes to design, several smaller elements, if used well, can have just as much impact as even the most commanding statement piece. You can incorporate festive colours of green, red and white into your furniture and fabrics through the use of silky throws, vibrant tablecloths and comfortable cushions.

Traditional Christmas decorations are famously versatile as well, and always go down a storm. You might want to temporarily replace a painting or art piece with an exquisite Christmas wreath, or lay a couple of pine cones in carefully chosen corners for a lovely rustic touch. If you’re thinking about replacing any utensils, now can be a great time to do so, and further brighten your kitchen with a dash of red from a boldly-coloured toaster or kettle. (Our Purple Reigns case study is a perfect example of how utensils can be used in this way!)

Draw The Eye With Stunning Statement Pieces


 christmas candles If you still think your kitchen needs that extra something special, a statement piece might be just what you’re after. A good place to start is a table runner with an endearing Christmas motif, or pretty bows for your dining chairs. It’s worth mentioning candles again, which can add an air of effortless elegance to the proceedings. Meanwhile, a miniature Christmas tree can be decorated in the festive colours of your choice, bringing an instantly recognisable Christmas cheer to the space.

These are just our ideas – don’t hesitate to branch out with your own! Here at Kitchen Design Centre, our talented designers are always happy to give you a helping hand or a word of advice. We’re all about making your dream kitchen a gorgeous reality. Pop into any one of our designer kitchen showrooms across the North West to see how we can help you – or, you can always book an appointment!

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