How to add style and creativity back into your kitchen

Does you kitchen need a facelift? Are you finding cooking a chore rather than a pleasure? Then your surroundings definitely need some attention.

No need to despair though…if you don’t know where to begin, your first step is to get going with vinyl wall stickers.

Wall stickers are fun, creative and imaginative and come in some lovely bright colours and a variety of sizes, to give your kitchen a new lease of life.


Large, modern kitchens tend to accumulative items which probably don’t get used. If you’re a hoarder, be ruthless with yourself and de-clutter.

Removing unwanted bits and pieces and then cleaning the area, automatically creates a sense of space and freshness.

Replace clutter from a shelf with a few of your favourite cook books, either lying down or supported by colourful bookends.

Use decorative wall art

The beauty of wall stickers for all styles of kitchens  is that they are hugely versatile. Their usage is not confined to walls, and decals can work wonders on cupboard doors, fridges, freezers and any surplus worktop space.

In fact, any surface which is grease free and smooth will accommodate a sticker effectively. They are remarkably easy to apply, leave no mess and can be wiped down to retain their clean, sharp appearance.

Vinyl stickers with a gloss finish, tend to present better on wood or white goods, and a vinyl matt finish on walls which give a more ‘painted on’ effect to the point that it is hard to recognise it as being a sticker at all, but the choice is yours.

If you feel you have made a mistake in where you have located your decal, you can so easily remove it, and replace it elsewhere with no mark or residue left behind.

A chalkboard is a must!

In the kitchen many people resort to cork boards to pin up messages and reminders.

A novel idea is a self-created blackboard, which can easily be made using a piece of hardboard bought at a DIY store and painted with special blackboard paint.

You can buy a metallic paint for extra interest enabling you to attach decorative magnets, or you could apply a decal to one end and use the other end as a shopping list reminder.

There are many practical uses for such a board, even if it is simply to keep the kids from under your feet while you are cooking.

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