How to bring the outdoors into your kitchen

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We all love a bit of outdoor charm. Whether it’s beautiful sunlight, natural, organic colour palettes, or those gorgeous textures; there’s something about the outdoors and stunning countryside that makes our days just magical. So why not add a touch of this natural charm and serenity to your home by bringing your favourite elements of the outdoors indoors.

Let there be light

Natural light can make a huge difference to your home and brings with it a dose of happiness that only natural light can achieve. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, think about making the most of your window space and avoid heavy curtains or blinds that block out the light. It’s also a good idea to think about inserting extra windows, if required, for a light and airy atmosphere. What’s more, the gorgeous views out on the garden, as you prepare breakfast or sort out the dishes at the end of the night, are sure to make a huge difference to your day.

The natural touch

For an outdoor inspired look, forget glossy or PVC finishes. Instead, embrace natural materials such as soft timber and light wood materials. You could even build in some outdoorsy features, such as soft and homely wooden beams. While the overall finish will look rustic, it will still have elements of modern design and can feature an intelligent layout, modern appliances and today’s popular island and breakfast bar.

Other materials worth considering are granite, Corian or marble. These are great options for those who want to infuse a bit of the new with the old for standout kitchen design.

Garden shades

When it comes to accessories – for example, blinds, tea towels and small appliances – opt for oatmeal, creams or sage green shades. If you’ve decided on a marble backsplash or Corian worktop consider infusing these colours into their design. This colour palette will also keep your kitchen looking bright and fresh, as opposed to deeper brown and red shades that may also be associated with the outdoors.

The kitchen garden

Turn your window ledge into a planter haven with fresh produce to jazz up your meals. Basil, sage, oregano and rosemary are all great options for your kitchen herb garden. Perfect for pizzas, pasta or any Mediterranean-inspired meat or poultry dish, home-grown herbs come with a whole host of rewards.

What’s more, your little haven of plants and herbs will also infuse your kitchen with a fabulous scent that screams fresh food. For an extra special touch, why not plant some lavender too for the ultimate in beautiful and soothing kitchen scents?

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