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How to design a minimalist kitchen that stays sunny in Spring

Minimalist kitchens are our bread and butter here at Kitchen Design Centre, and we’ve got many years of experience behind us in creating kitchens that are sleek and streamlined, but uniquely comfortable spaces to spend time in. As you might expect, achieving this balance is even easier with spaces that already enjoy a good amount of natural light. Now that we’re officially in Spring, and sunny weather is starting to come in, now seems like a great time to talk about some of the best ways to combine a minimalist look with the most amount of natural light for your own space!

How to get the minimalist look

Less is more. That’s the philosophy that lies at the heart of minimalism, but while it’s a simple concept, it can be quite difficult to achieve! When it comes to your kitchen design, one of the ways that you can make things easier for yourself is by going from the ground up, and thinking of what you need for your kitchen rather than what you want.

One of the most common challenges with your design can be the temptation to fill space with cool little gadgets, specialised appliances and attractive features, but too much of these can easily lead to a kitchen looking too cluttered. Instead, first work out your key requirements for your kitchen, and then think about what appliances and features meet those requirements. Many modern Neff appliances – a staple feature of many of the kitchens we design – now combine the functions of several appliances, helping you to save space and preserving the crisp, clean lines of a minimalist design.

You might also want to consider some clever storage solutions, such as integrating cupboards into your countertop or kitchen island. Concealed hinges and handleless drawers are just a few of the wonderful little design features that can help your kitchen to achieve that perfect harmony between beautiful aesthetics and flawless functionality.

minimalist kitchen design

How to maximise natural light in your kitchen

There are a lot of complex scientific reasons why natural light makes us happy, but it all essentially comes down to the fact that humans are daylight creatures. Light makes us happy, it makes us comfortable, and it makes us feel more content. Those are just a few reasons why so many customers want it for their kitchens! So, what’s the best way to start?

Undeniably, it’s your kitchen cabinetry and worktops. They’re two of the most influential elements of your kitchen, so whenever you’re trying to change the mood, feel or colour of your kitchen, you’ll generally want to look at those first. It’s a good idea to use white or light cabinetry – since it’s such a reflective colour, it can help even small amounts of natural light to bounce around your kitchen, and make it feel more airy and spacious. There’s a bit of an art to it, though – you have to be quite selective in your use of it so you can avoid an appearance that’s too cold, clinical or stark.

Another creative way to do this is by using reflective surfaces and metals. Mirrors are the obvious choice, especially if you’ve got any spaces of wall in your kitchen that you’re still deciding what to do with! It’s not just mirrors though – you might also want to have a think about glass tiles, glossy paint, metallic accents and stainless appliances, all of which can give your kitchen that extra sheen that can make it look so beautiful under even a small amount of natural light.

And if you need a little help, that’s what our designers are here for! Each of them have years of experience, and an innate talent for helping your dream kitchen become a reality. Why not pop down to one of our designer kitchen showrooms in Manchester, Blackburn or Barrowford, and have a quick chat with us over a cuppa!

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