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Key elements of an industrial kitchen design

Industrial kitchen design is a popular and sought after style that is associated with a sense of productivity and large open spaces. This association is deeply tied to the origin of the style which began in the 1970s when abandoned factories were reclaimed and converted into suitable housing in the US and the UK.

Any kitchen with an industrial style is a popular choice because of the unique blend of textures, colours, and natural materials. Many people are drawn to the industrial style because of the way it perfectly blends old structures with modern luxuries.

But, you might be wondering, what are the specific features are present in an industrial kitchen, and how can you tell it apart from other modern design styles?

Exposed brick

One of the most obvious and highly requested elements of an industrial kitchen design is exposed brickwork. Exposed brickwork is a common element used in industrial style kitchens because a lot of the exterior and even interior factory walls were made using brick. Adding it into the design helps recreate that factory-like feel.

Additionally, exposed brick is a great choice if you’re looking to add a natural, gritty, or rough texture to your kitchen. You can see an excellent example of it in this recently completed open plan barn conversion in shades of grey – the exposed brick adds another layer of dimension to a monochrome space!

Reclaimed wood

Another element that’s often incorporated into industrial style kitchens are exposed and natural wood beams. Often these beams fall under the category of “reclaimed wood” because they may or may not be original to the house.

You can take a look at one of our most recent designs to see a perfect example of using large wood beams to frame in this aesthetically pleasing design and a highly functional industrial style kitchen.

Other kitchens we’ve designed also have exposed beams and are reminiscent of old structures, while still having an updated and modern feel.


An unmistakable feature of industrial kitchens is the use of concrete somewhere throughout the design. As you can imagine, factory floors were made of concrete and were widely used in those reclaimed spaces. Recently, the incorporation of concrete into kitchen design has become quite a fashion statement.


Kitchen designs in the industrial style typically use concrete as the flooring, flower planters, a worktop, sink, or even the finish on the cabinet doors. As you can see in this modern industrial meets Scandi kitchen we’ve recently completed, the concrete worktop helps give the space a distinct look and feel.

Due to its colour and the wide variety of textures and finishes available, concrete is a perfect option for many kitchens. Even for those who may not want an industrial style, it’s such a versatile material and colour that it goes wonderfully with any design!

Metal accents

The final touches on an industrial style kitchen are often just as important as the large features. Typically, we find most people like to blend copper, brushed metal, and even painted black metal or wire accents throughout an industrial design.

This is because it generally pairs perfectly with concrete, brick, and natural wood features that may be present in the design.

How you choose to embellish your new designer kitchen with metal accents is completely up to you — but we tend to incorporate it using light fixtures, barstools, cabinet fixtures, the kitchen tap, range hood, or even the sink.

Whether you prefer a sharp and distinctly industrial kitchen or your tastes prefer some of the elements we’ve discussed, we can help bring your dream kitchen to life!

And if you need more inspiration, our showrooms have stunning display kitchens to help inspire you, no matter what colours or elements you’re dreaming of for your new kitchen — book a free design consultation now! Or feel free to visit any of our showrooms across the North West in Manchester, Blackburn, or Barrowford.

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