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Key features of luxury German kitchen design

When we say something is ‘German-made’ certain qualities often spring to mind including ideals of precision and efficiency. These associations of sleekness are further encouraged by home and kitchen brands like Bosche, Neff, Häcker, and even car brands like Mercedes-Benz.

The same associations apply to kitchen designs! German kitchen design style is a popular choice because of the sleek and streamlined appearance, the quality of materials, and precision engineering. It’s no wonder then why so many visitors to our showrooms are immediately drawn to the minimalist style present in all luxury German kitchens.

So then, you may be wondering, what other specific features make a luxury German kitchen stand out from other design styles?


Many of our customers tend to think of German kitchens as being a “modern” design style, and that’s not inaccurate here in the UK because it is such a popular style! But outside of the UK, German-style kitchens spans modern, traditional, contemporary, and mid-century modern design types.

When we design luxurious modern German kitchens for our clients, often it’s about finding solutions to problems — including finding appliances that fit better into their lifestyle. Modern kitchens typically have high-tech appliances like induction hobs, hideaway extractors, built-in ovens (some models are even wifi connected!), wine fridges, integrated coffee makers, a boiler tap and other luxury must-haves.

We have lots of experience designing stunning, high-tech, and modern German kitchens and know how to optimise for any space, large or small! In one of our latest case studies, we’ve improved functionality by creating a unique seating solution for a high-quality German kitchen in a former family home.

In a German kitchen — no bit of space goes to waste!


An undeniably popular feature of German kitchens is variety. While this kitchen style is often associated with a strong industrial colour scheme, bold lighting, rough textures, and dark accents — it’s not always the case.

Some of our customers are surprised to find that many modern German cabinetry styles come in a large variety of neutral or light colours, wood effect, natural-looking stone, concrete, and in a range of textures including high-gloss, satin, matte, and gloss.

This expansive selection increases the versatility of our offerings and means our designers can make a German-style kitchen reflect your personality, tastes, and lifestyle. You might even blend this style with another to create a unique kitchen that has everything you want!

 recessed kitchen lighting example in modern kitchen


In keeping with the overall theme of efficiency present in German kitchens, it’s no surprise this extends to the lighting of the space as well. The lighting in German-style kitchens is purposefully designed to look effortlessly elegant and comes in a range of styles.

Frequently our designers prioritise natural, recessed, and hidden lighting when designing in this style to keep the aesthetics smooth and streamlined.

Recessed lighting, for example, is a particularly popular choice in German-style kitchens. This type of lighting sits above in the attic or crawl space and is flush with the surface like in this modern industrial kitchen.

Hidden lighting is great if you’re going for a more subtle effect for your kitchen or need an additional light source to see what you’re doing! In this contemporary kitchen, the main kitchen sink is located some distance from any natural light sources and needed an additional light source. Hidden lighting is usually fixed under the top set of cabinets and is a great option if your kitchen has corners or needs an additional light source.

And perhaps the most important is natural lighting, which depends on your space! Natural lighting can make us feel happy and more energetic and is an essential part of all kitchen design.

We design many kitchens in the German style and add feature lights, as you can see in this beautiful barn conversion in shades of grey. Feature lights don’t have to be used, but it is a wonderful way to add interest and personality to a new kitchen.

In the end, we love this style of the kitchen because it’s versatile, clean, and appeals to a lot of different families. We’re always finding new and interesting ways to create stunning kitchens for our clients, like you!

Whether you prefer a sharp, industrial kitchen or your tastes lean towards a more neutral and calmer space we can help bring your dream kitchen to life!

And if you need more inspiration, our showrooms have stunning display kitchens to help inspire you no matter what colours or elements you dream of for your new kitchen — book a free design consultation now. Or feel free to visit any of our showrooms across the North West in ManchesterBlackburn, or Barrowford.

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