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Kitchen Design Centre rated as ‘Strong’ by Plimsoll Analysis

The British Chamber of Commerce has warned that 6 out of 10 kitchens companies will run out of cash within the next 3 months. However, a new report from Plimsoll has named Kitchen Design Centre amongst the 434 ‘Strong’ companies with the strongest balance sheets that are in the best position to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

The cash crisis edition of the Plimsoll Analysis has assessed the financial and cash fundamentals of the UK’s top 1084 kitchens companies to give an early warning of which companies have the financial stability to carry on and who will fail first.

This unique report shows that Kitchen Design Centre has been rated as “Strong”, which means our strong balance sheet puts us in a strong position to survive the immediate and thrive in the post crisis recovery.

433 other companies have also been rated as ‘Strong’ and are most likely to be standing at the end of the current crisis.

The new Plimsoll Analysis is designed exclusively for strong, cash rich companies like Kitchen Design Centre to survive the crisis period and thrive once the explosive recovery kicks in.

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