Let’s hear it for gorgeous Galley Kitchens!

Galley kitchens

This month at Kitchen Design Centre, we’re going to be taking a closer look at some of the most common kitchen shapes out there, and offering up some crafty ideas to help you make the most of your space. This week, it’s the turn of the small but mighty Galley Kitchens!

What are Galley Kitchens?

Originally, “Galley Kitchens” referred to a ship’s kitchen, which was typically designed to be long and thin, making the most of the limited space on board. With long rows of units fitted both on floor level and above the work surfaces, a galley kitchen features a long strip of walking space.

When it comes to galley kitchens, old Victorian terraced houses, like those found in the big cities, are the typical compact homes that favour this kind of kitchen configuration.

Making the most of your galley shaped kitchen

Keep it light and bright

Space is of the essence in galley kitchens, whether it’s creating it, saving it or giving the illusion of it! When dealing with a galley shaped kitchen, householders might struggle to prevent the room feeling dark, dim and closed-off: it’s fair to say that we don’t live in the sunniest of countries, so make light and bright your aim:

  • Minimise clutter on the floor and work-tops – storage behind unit doors is a must!
  • Choose compact kitchen appliances to save on space
  • Pick slimline kitchen appliances and hide them behind unit fronts
  • Opt for pale, sleek, glossy kitchen units that reflect light
  • Keep windows and skylights clear – avoid cluttering up windowsills
  • Invest in unobtrusive lighting, such as ceiling spotlights and strip lights under units

Think in 3D!

Galley kitchens are low on surface area – both in terms of floor and worktops. While it can tempting to keep appliances on work surfaces, this will close off the space and leave you feeling hemmed in. Think of your kitchen in 3D terms and you’ll find yourself with more room and less hassle.

  • Opt for a magnetic, wall-mounted knife rack rather than a bulky block
  • Got space above cupboards? Pop less used equipment in baskets up there!
  • Choose upward-opening wall cupboards to save on head space

While wall cupboards are an essential part of galley kitchens, beware of having two opposing rows of units all the way along your room. For a less claustrophobic design, opt for a variety of cupboard heights, open shelving or glass-front, interior-lit units on one side.

Got a galley shaped kitchen? Kitchen Design Centre can help!

When looking for inspiration for galley shaped kitchens, folks are spoilt for choice at Kitchen Design Centre. While many of the kitchens we create are large and feature island or peninsula formations, we’re also experts on making the most of a small but beautiful space. Book a free kitchen design visit from one of our talented team to find out how we can get your galley kitchen ship shape!

Got tips for galley shaped kitchens that your fellow home-owners will love? Share them in the comments below or tweet us @ModernKitchens!

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