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Open Vs. closed kitchen designs

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When dreaming up your brand new designer kitchen, does an open kitchen or closed kitchen come to mind? As interior design experts, we know that both have their benefits; the former best suited to modern, contemporary, German-made kitchens and the latter best suited to more traditional designs. In today’s blogs, we’re revealing the perks of both designs – helping you decide which of the two is best for you.

The case for an open kitchen design

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In recent years, the open kitchen design has grown in popularity. An open plan design is a great look in brand new homes and older, farmhouse-style properties, which benefit from plenty of space.

The benefits are endless, but some of the most popular reasons for choosing an open plan kitchen design include:

A versatile living space

Open plan kitchen designs allow productivity and entertainment in one space. At social events or dinner parties, there’s no need to shut friends and family away in a separate living space. The versatile living space is also ideal for families with young children. Parents can get on with cooking and food prep while watching over children playing in the same room.

A laid-back vibe

Laid-back, relaxed living spaces are on-trend right now. An open kitchen design creates that exact vibe, with an ideal traffic flow and space to socialise. Soft furnishings are very much a part of an open plan kitchen design too, which adds to the relaxed feel of the room. Guests and family can relax on sofas or at the breakfast bar – rather than sitting at a formal dining table.

It’s light and bright

One of the best things about open plan design is the lack of walls. Walls close down a space, making a room feel smaller and darker. An open plan kitchen, on the other hand, will benefit from lots of light thanks to more windows in the kitchen space.

The case for a closed kitchen design

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Before open plan designs became a trend, all kitchens featured the traditional closed kitchen design. While they may not be first choice for modern homeowners today, the closed kitchen does appear to be making a bit of a comeback.

The benefits include:

Formal and traditional appeal

While some love the sociable and laid-back feel of an open plan kitchen, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Many prefer the feel of a formal dining room and separate kitchen area – with the latter also offering more privacy for the cook.

No lingering smells

For many, the lingering smells from the open plan kitchen is a real turn-off. For those that prefer to leave smells and mess behind, a closed plan kitchen provides the perfect solution. While a good vent hood can minimise lingering smells, it can still be a problem with open plan kitchen designs.

It’s more functional

With an open plan kitchen, you do have to compromise a little on functionality – but you benefit from a connected and sociable space as a result. Closed kitchens usually boast a better layout thanks to the presence of walls. What’s more, the correct plumbing, electrical and structural work is already in place and it’s simpler to switch furnishings and update the overall look.

Still not decided on which one works best for you? Read about how to blend freestanding and fitted designs over on our blog to get the best of both worlds.

Do you have a preference? Whether you love modern, open plan kitchens or prefer the traditional closed kitchen design, we’d love to know your thoughts. Leave your comments below or tweet us @ModernKitchens

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