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Our Complete Buyer’s Guide To Built-In Ovens

It’s no secret that innovative kitchen appliances are at the top of everybody’s wish list when thinking about how to design their dream kitchen. Our talented designers have produced some fantastic contemporary kitchens over the years, and in our experience, few appliances are more central to the space than the built-in oven. The function and abilities of your oven often influences how you’ll use the rest of your space, making it a vital consideration in kitchen design. And that’s exactly what we’re aiming to make easier for you with this week’s post! Here are some of the most essential questions you’ll need to ask as you make a decision on which built-in oven is best for your kitchen – the answers might not be as straightforward as you think!

1. How Much Do I Need To Spend On A Built-In Oven?

It makes sense to get started with one of the first questions on everybody’s lips when they start looking at in-built ovens – how much will it cost? As you might have guessed, the answer can vary hugely.

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For a decent single oven you’re probably going to be looking at a figure closer to £550, whereas for an excellent double oven – like this one we installed for Mr and Mrs Redmond – you’ll be looking at ones in the £825 range. Remember, a good oven should last you at least a decade, so that initial investment does even out quite quickly! And remember, how much you’ll spend also depends on the answer to…

2. What Type Of Oven Do I Need?

Your kitchen should be a reflection of your personality, so here at Kitchen Design Centre we’re firm believers in buying the appliances that suit your exact needs. A brilliant advantage to buying your oven when you redesign your modern kitchen is that space doesn’t pose as much of an issue as it would if you were trying to slot it into your existing layout.

a) Should I have a single or a double oven?

There are four main categories of oven to choose from. Every one of them is roughly 60cm wide – it’s only their heights that vary. They are:

  • A double built-in oven (Height: 90cm x Width: 60cm)
  • A double built-under oven (Height: 70cm x Width: 60cm)
  • Single oven (Height: 60cm x Width: 60cm)
  • Compact oven (Height: 45cm x Width: 60cm)

Built-under ovens, as you might have guessed, are designed to go under a hob. On the other hand, built-in ovens are designed to be installed at eye level – which is handier for putting in and taking out food. Depending on your preferences, you’ve got a couple of options with a single oven, which can be installed at either hob or eye level. If space is at a premium, compact built in ovens are great for fitting snugly into a limited space. It’s up to you!

b) What size of oven should I get?

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This can be a bit of a tricky one. Manufacturers use the total internal volume of their ovens as a guide for consumers to work out their size, but you’ve got to think outside the box a little – literally! It’s not just about total space, as you’ve got to factor in the layout and the positioning of shelves, for example, both of which can make a noticeable difference in how much food you’re able to comfortably fit inside the oven. This means that oddly, you could theoretically fit in more food into some ‘smaller’ ovens as you could with some bigger ones!

Now, we’re not saying you automatically shouldn’t trust these measurements – just make sure you’re thinking about it from all angles before you commit to a decision!

A few quick facts to know:

  • Internal space is generally measured in litres, ranging from roughly between 51 to 76 litres.
  • The average capacity of a single oven is around 64 litres
  • The average capacity of a double oven is often around 64 litres for the main cavity and 35 for the smaller space

c) Should I Get A Conventional, Fan Or Multi-Cooking Oven?

Once again, that depends, as each excel in certain conditions. Conventional ovens heat food using two heating elements, one on top and one on the bottom. If you’re designing your kitchen for baking, it’s possible you’ll want to consider it, as many cakes, soufflés and flans turn out marvellously well with just top and bottom heat.

Your next option is a fan oven, which are often better at distributing heat evenly throughout the cavity. True fan ovens use single heating elements around their fans and are notably more useful for cooking food faster, as the hot air is constantly moving around inside the cavity. They’re distinguishable from ‘fan-assisted’ ovens, which is another term for a conventional oven that uses a fan to spread the heat more effectively inside. (You probably guessed that, though.)

fan oven

With double built in ovens, you’ll often find that the main oven uses a fan, and the smaller oven operates a conventional oven, giving you a welcome flexibility when deciding which one is going to help you most in producing your latest culinary masterpiece!

Multi-function ovens are the most popular option for most of our customers here at Kitchen Design Centre, produced by industry-leading supplier Neff. These incorporate top and bottom heat, a grill and a fan, for top efficiency and flexibility when cooking – you can choose to use each of them independently, or even in combination. For example, you can achieve the perfect crispy top on a lasagne by using the top heat to give it a bit of browning once it’s cooked through. Multi-function ovens also have a defrost setting, which is not only faster than keeping your food on the side for a few hours, but is also more helpful for protecting it from the paws of wandering pets or the energy of excited children!

Plus, Neff multi function ovens are becoming far more mainstream than they used to be, as they’re taken up by designer kitchen showrooms all over the country – making it easier than ever to find more options that suit your budget.

And If You Need Any Help…

double ovens

If you want our opinion, we’d often lean towards a Neff multi-function oven – it’s a common staple of all the best contemporary kitchens! It’s got a stunning versatility to match its intuitive controls, and our status as a Neff Master Partner means we’ve got a great depth of expertise when it comes to smoothly integrating it into your modern kitchen design.

In fact, our talented designers are always happy to advise on anything you might need help on as you realise the vision of your dream kitchen. Drop into our Blackburn kitchen showroom (or our other designer kitchen showrooms in Manchester or Barrowford) where you can sit down for a chat to let us know exactly what sort of requirements you have. We’re here to help!

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