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Designing a new kitchen isn’t always easy. Firstly you have to think about what’s right for you and all your must-have requirements; then you need to consider the longevity of the design. After all, you don’t want you brand new designer kitchen looking outdated after just a few years. At Kitchen Design Centre we create kitchens that are built to last. Featuring durable materials and timeless designs, you can be sure of a kitchen that will still wow in years to come.

High gloss

high gloss kitchen

High gloss is one of the most popular types of finishes here at Kitchen Design Centre. It allows you to go contemporary or ultra modern and suits just about every need. Gloss also gives that wow-factor we’re all after when dreaming up a new kitchen. Sleek, sophisticated, and available in a huge range of colours, we can’t ever imagine the high gloss kitchen not being in-style.

Another perk is the low maintenance of high gloss kitchens, which are easy to wipe clean with just a cloth and water. High gloss also enhances the space and size of your kitchen because of its reflective properties – making it a great choice for kitchens of all sizes.

Be inspired by this glossy kitchen in stunning Basalt grey. Combined with a timeless German design, the high gloss look helped to create a sophisticated yet functional space that was even ideal for young families.


The natural touch

natural coloured kitchen

Materials like wood and granite are timeless. Kitchens designed with materials like these are usually termed with the phrases ‘vintage’, ‘country cottage’, or ‘old farmhouse’. This proves that despite their more traditional style, they’re very much still in fashion.

Another great thing about natural materials, like wood, is that they can be tailored to meet your needs. For example, oak wood gives off a country, farmhouse vibe while painted wood fits in more with the traditional look.

Take a look at one of our recent projects recent projects, where we created an old English-inspired kitchen that infused lots of contemporary elements too. Painted wood was used throughout the design and we also added a touch of oak, for that classic look. The bright and airy space was combined with a bright colour scheme and modern appliances – resulting in a kitchen guaranteed to last.


Open plan

open plan kitchen

Open plan kitchens have been popular for a number of years now. In fact, it looks like they will continue to be a top kitchen style in years to come. Designed for modern busy lifestyles, the open plan kitchen is multi-functional and ideal for families and professional couples alike.

How you choose to design your open plan kitchen is entirely up to you and another perk of the style. If you’ve got young kids, why not set up a TV and play area; and for couples that like to throw parties, why not set up a chic bar and seating area?

The majority of our kitchens tend to feature an open plan design, one of our favourites being this social kitchen diner. With a dining table to seat six, a breakfast bar to seat two, and plenty of workspace, it offers everything a family could ever need.

If you’d like to find out more about our kitchens, visit one of our showrooms today. You can find your nearest showroom location here.


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