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How To Use The Colour Red In Kitchen Design

Colour has always been a key factor influencing kitchen design. Here at Kitchen Design Centre, quite a lot of our customers recently have been asking about the colour red, so we thought it worth shining a spotlight on it in this week’s blog. First we’ll talk a bit about the psychology behind it, before moving onto discuss some brilliant ways to incorporate it into the design of your dream kitchen. Read on!

What Does Red Mean To Us?

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Red has a unique place in our culture – and indeed, of cultures about the world. Throughout the ages it’s accrued quite a number of meanings and associations, and it can be used to represent passion or love. It’s imposing by nature, which means it promotes courage and fearlessness. In fact, when you come to think of it, these are all qualities that make it fantastic for the kitchen, especially if you’re fond of the spicier dishes. Certainly here at Kitchen Design Centre, we’re no strangers to a love and passion of all things culinary. But wait, it goes even further. The colour red has been shown to actively influence our minds, increasing our appetites – yes, definitely an ideal choice for the kitchen!

It’s no wonder it affects our appetites, really, as there are all sorts of mouth-watering foods associated with the colour red. Tasty tomatoes, sweet strawberries, and fiery chillis – the list goes on! By incorporating red into your kitchen, you can be inspired to experiment with your cooking, serving up some delicious meals to all and sundry. So then, how best can you use red in your kitchen?

Using Red To Create Unique Kitchens

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As we’ve touched upon above, red has a supremely commanding presence that no other colour has quite managed to ever match. And like any potent ingredient, you’ve got to be careful about how you use it to create the most pleasing final effect. Too much, and it can seem overbearing, and overwhelm the other design elements in your kitchen. If in doubt then, it’s best to use it sparingly.

Another wonderful thing about red is that it can be beautifully versatile, and there are all sorts of varying shades that can be used to stunning effect. A contemporary kitchen, for example, can be enhanced by kitchen cabinetry in cherry red for a sleek, streamlined feel. Meanwhile, a rustic country kitchen can look all the more inviting when warmed by a rich wine shade, which can give it an extra dose of luxuriousness. Red-on-white polka dots or a country-checked table cloth can give any kitchen a vibrant appeal.

Red’s ability to draw the eye means that it absolutely excels as an accent colour, or for making a statement with a boldly-coloured appliance. In a white, contemporary kitchen, for example, you can easily add a pop of colour with a deep red range cooker. Or, you can take inspiration from some of our past customers here at Kitchen Design Centre; in a recent case study, this couple from Lancashire expressed a fondness for the colour red, so our designer Maxine took particular care to incorporate it into their kitchen, for a truly individual style. The finished kitchen uses Lacobel Red Glass around the tall kitchen units and the pendant lights overhanging the island, for an impressive and memorable effect.

It’s just one example of how red can be used to make a kitchen unique, stamping a perfect personality onto it. If you’ve already got a clear vision for your dream kitchen, we’d love to help you make it a reality! We’ve got locations all over the North West – you can pop into any of our showrooms in Manchester, Blackburn or Colne, where one of our friendly designers will be only too happy to sit down with you.

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