Smart ways to rethink your kitchen storage

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Whatever the size of your kitchen; making the most of the space you have available is key.

Creating an illusion of a larger space is easy with smart storage.

So whether you’re a hoarder of crockery and quirky kitchen accessories, or you keep your kitchen gadgets minimalist, smart kitchen storage ideas can help to create that designer kitchen style you’re looking for.

6 simple kitchen storage solutions

1. Cabinet door storage

Whether you pin your noticeboard inside your breakfast cereal cupboard on the back of the door, or you add an extra pocket on the door for storing those extra items, don’t dismiss the potential of a cabinet door!

2. Rolling shelves

Tiered, rolling shelves are a great way to make the most of your cabinet space.

One would typically just pop items on the base level of a cabinet, but there’s all that extra space on the sides and above that you could be made use of.

Rolling cabinet storage is relatively easy to get hold of and can also be built in by a carpenter.

3. Ceiling mounts

Add some visual interest to your ceiling with a metal or wooden mount rack to hang pots and pans from.

For a charming country cottage look you could also add bunches of dried flowers in between each pot and pan to create an enviable focal point.

4. Cabinet hooks

If there’s one item that’s a nightmare to store neatly in a cabinet it’s pots and pans.

Stack them up and the one you want will always be the one that’s hardest to get to; you may also risk damaging and scratching them too.

By hanging hooks from the top of your awkward cupboards you’ll be able to make the most of your cabinet space.

5. Rethink the splashback

Turn your splashback into knife storage by installing a magnetic strip.

This not only frees up counter space, it also adds a contemporary touch to your kitchen.

6. The kitchen island

Simple and practical, the kitchen island serves a number of purposes in the kitchen.

It can be used for storage, as a breakfast bar and for food preparation all at the same time.

Even in smaller kitchens an island can work as it reduces the amount of countertop space needed around the edges of the kitchen.

Ask the experts

At Kitchen Design Centre making the most of your kitchen space is key to our designs.

Our designers will always be able to advise you on how to make the most of your space and install all the latest gismos and gadgets while keeping your kitchen pristine and clutter-free.

To find out how we can help to create the kitchen of your dreams visit us in store today. We have showrooms in Manchester, Blackburn and Colne and have specialist designers on hand to help you at every location. You’ll also be able to browse some of our favourite storage solutions in our specially designed showroom kitchens.

Do you have any other ideas for creating better kitchen storage? If so, share your ideas below or tweet us @ModernKitchens

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