Some kitchen styles never go out of fashion!

Traditional Kitchen Design

Styles come and go in kitchen design, but there are some that will always be desirable.

As well as creating modern and traditional kitchens, we sometimes blend the two to get versatile and timeless designs.

One such style is the Shaker Kitchen, with its clean lines and classical, balanced proportions.

Based on the designs of the 19th century furniture makers of the Shaker movement, the Shaker Kitchen has remained a very popular range across the country.

Shakers never wanted their particular breed of kitchen to be fashionable, but their pursuit of perfection led to a famously versatile design.

Shakers believed that every object should be practical and there was no need for unnecessary decoration.

‘Beauty rests on utility’ said the Shakers – and they were obviously on to something.

Shaker designs are famous for simplicity and a timeless style and wouldn’t look out of place in either a modern or traditional home – hence their brilliance.

Creating the look

–       Keep it simple, open plan and uncluttered

–       Use natural materials. Walls should be kept neutral for classic Shaker-style. Bare white plaster is often the way to go

–       Keep it neat with no clutter

–       At least some natural wooden worktops and a neutral floor, bringing a neutral simplicity

At Kitchen Design Centre, we are experts at creating Shaker kitchens. Take a look at one of our latest designs.

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