The benefits of a well-organised kitchen

plates and cups on a kitchen shelf

A clean, neat, and tidy kitchen can make all the difference to your home and your overall productivity. The impact of a well-organised kitchen isn’t just visual either; it can also help to clear the mind too. With this in mind, we’re sharing the benefits of a well-organised kitchen as well as our top tips for creating that clutter-free, stylish space.

Why organise your kitchen space?

A poorly organised kitchen means all those usual jobs will take a lot longer than usual to complete. While you might not notice those few extra minutes spent finding the right crockery or appliances you need, it’s surprising how the minutes add up.

Clutter has also been proven to have an impact on your brain. Neuroscientists at Princeton University found that when they looked at people’s task performance in a clean and organised space, it was much better than that in a disorganised space. The reason behind this was that the clutter in the surroundings competes for your attention. This increases your stress levels while also decreasing your performance.

A disorganised space also lacks the style and sophistication of a well-organised space. The clean lines and clever storage solutions of our kitchens prove that less is more, which is why we team simple, uncluttered layouts with statement designs in our designer kitchens.


Five steps to a well-organised kitchen

  1. Make the most of storage space

If you’re in the stages of designing your kitchen, make sure you factor in all the storage space you need. Working up a room vertically allows for extra storage while other features, such as the kitchen island, also provide hidden storage solutions.

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen, empty all your cupboards and start again. You’ll find plenty of items have made their way into cupboards over the years that really shouldn’t be there.

kitchen storage cupboard

  1. Make it convenient

For your well-organised kitchen to be sustainable, you need to make sure the layout is convenient. Make sure your kitchen follows the rule of the work triangle and place items like recycling bins close to the kitchen clean-up zone, and all your pots and pans close to the oven.

convenient kitchen storage

  1. Store items by use

Most families have cupboards for different purposes – one for condiments, another for cereals, and another for pots and pans. While this is a great start, it’s important that all items are arranged by frequency of use. Store everyday items on easy-to-reach shelves and your special occasion pieces on higher shelves.

saucepans in kitchen drawer

  1. Make the most of limited space

If you’ve got a smaller kitchen with limited storage space, look for unique solutions to help you improve the usability of the space. Sliding shelf organisers are really useful for pots and pans while drawer dividers also help to keep things tidy.

kitchen cupboard divider

  1. Carry out an annual spring clean

While it’s not the most exciting of tasks, a spring clean can make a huge improvement to your kitchen in just a matter of hours. Empty your cupboards and reorganise them, give your fridge freezer an intensive clean, throwing away any old produce that’s made its way to the back, and get rid of items you’ve not used during the year.

A kitchen with an organised layout and design is always a good start – so why not make at-home organisation easier with a brand new designer kitchen? Visit our North West kitchen showrooms to see our innovative designs and to chat with our experts and find out more.

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How have you improved your kitchen layout to ensure better organisation and efficiency? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @ModernKitchens

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