Top 5 Kitchen must haves by Kitchen Design Centre

Kitchen Design Centre Must Haves!

Having spoken to the most prestigious modern kitchens designers in the UK, we’re here to show you what’s hot and what’s not in the world of kitchen must haves.

Read on to find out about our top 5 kitchen must haves:
1. Quooker

It’s one of those rare must haves…a simple, ultra-safe idea that immediately renders kettles out of date and brings kitchens into the 21st century.

There are many Quooker designs available but the new Nordic is particularly special. It’s the first tap set with a boiling water and mixture tap. The boiling water tap even has an added safety feature – when the handle is touched, an LED ring lights up to alert the user that it is a boiling water tap.
2. Neff CircoTherm® oven

A Neff CircoTherm® oven is a must have in all new kitchens.

CircoTherm® works by drawing air in from the oven via a powerful fan. It then heats up the air and forces it back into the oven cavity. By continuously circulating hot air around the oven, the desired temperature is achieved more quickly and evenly, saving time and energy as little or no pre heating is required.

3. Pop up power sockets

One of the latest kitchen gadgets is the innovative pop up socket – complete with USB ports. This innovative answer to plug-less surfaces reinvents standard power sockets, and is ideal for kitchen islands. Why not charge your phone and iPad whilst cooking in the kitchen? With a pop up socket, there’ll be no more rushing to other rooms to answer your phone or to check a text message.

4. F-light Nest

Utilising advanced technology and stylish design, the F-light Nest and extractor fan is perfect for all types of cooking, thanks to their refined style.

This exclusive range of lamp extractor hoods from leading manufacturer Faber are available in seven models, featuring a two-fold technological core presented in an impeccable exterior. With the same lighting power as traditional lighting systems, they can be connected and turned on directly using a wall switch or used independently from the hood controls.

It’s a must have for 2013!!

5. Induction Hob

Have you considered induction cooking? It’s is one of the hottest trends for 2013.

Induction is the only cooking surface that provides ultra rapid and precise heating while saving you an astonishing amount of energy.

An induction cooktop looks similar to a stove from the surface in that it does not employ open flames. It has a smooth, glass surface on which the pots and pans are placed, with elements located beneath the surface.

Here are a few pros to help make your decision:

• Energy efficient
• Modern and Stylish
• Quick to hear up and cook
• Safe to touch
• Lots of extra features like flexible cooking zones, timers and child safety locks

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Touches of Traditional Style.

With decorating styles like American and cottage resurfacing in new ways, anticipate more traditional elements coming back into the kitchen too. 

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Windows will be the focal point in 2023. whether updating an existing space or designing a new kitchen. "We can expect to see kitchens having huge windows walls that slide open or into pocket walls, merging the indoor-outdoor spaces together. 

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Built-in Banquettes 

A banquette moment in the latest design project "the trend of incorporating the kitchen with living and dining continues". 

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