We're opening two new stunning showrooms in the North West!

We’re opening two new stunning showrooms in the North West!

Our talented designers have delivered stunning and award-winning kitchens all around the North West for decades. And we’re pleased to announce we’ll be opening new showrooms in South Manchester and Liverpool.

This means you’ll have even more places to visit to gather design inspiration for the luxury kitchen of your dreams!

The new showrooms will give our expert designers an opportunity to combine colour, texture, lighting, and high-tech appliances in new and interesting ways to help inspire your creativity. The showrooms will be the pinnacle of modern innovation, a reflection of current design trends and will effortlessly incorporate cutting-edge kitchen technology.

And of course, they’ll be great places to stop by and have a one-on-one chat with one of our designers over a cup of coffee, where your dream kitchen can start to take shape!

At the Kitchen Design Centre, our passion is to help make your dream kitchen a reality— book a free design consultation now! If you’re looking for design inspiration visit our luxury showrooms across the North West in Manchester, Blackburn, and Barrowford.

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