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What does your kitchen say about you?

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The colours and styles you use throughout your home say a lot about your personality and lifestyle. The way we choose to decorate is often an extension of our attitudes, needs and feelings and can often reveal a lot more about us as people than you might think!

Like any room in your home, the kitchen can say a lot about your loves and your lifestyle. So whether you’ve opted for an ultra modern kitchen, contemporary kitchen or a traditional cottage style, let’s find out what it says about you…

English country cottage charm

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Warm and inviting, the charming country cottage style kitchen usually features lots of natural textures along with muted tones. Stand out appliances, like an Aga, and other pastel shaded accessories don’t go amiss either.

If this sounds exactly like your kitchen – or your dream kitchen – you’re most probably a fan of the simple life. Shunning busy cities for countryside retreats and spending quality time with the family is key to your way of life.

Modern luxe

kdc blog modern luxe kitchen

Featuring the best in gadgetry, along with sleek parallel lines – there’s nothing out of place in this kitchen. Metallics, such as stainless steel, feature heavily in your design, along with Neff’s hottest appliances.

Anyone who’s the proud owner of an ultra modern kitchen is usually a huge fan of technology. You usually like to keep spaces as clutter-free as possible, believing that clutter in the house leads to a clutter mind. As one who keeps on top of the latest trends, you’re always looking for ways to enhance your living space for efficient, easy living.

A social space

kdc blog social space kitchen

Combining cosy furnishings, along with features including a kitchen island, breakfast bar and perhaps a bar area, your kitchen is so much more than a space for cooking in. Split into zones for different aspects of your daily life, the social kitchen is fully functional.

As one who values family time and loves throwing parties, a space that’s stylish, comfortable and functional is key. Your caring, sociable nature means that you hate leaving guests or family unattended and always like to be part of the conversion. A kitchen that is multi-purpose allows that, while ensuring a warm and welcoming vibe.

Modern industrial

Utilising one of the latest trends, the industrial style kitchen is likely to feature exposed brick walls, modern appliances and a hint of metallic. Copper is a key colour in creating this look, along with materials like rough, reclaimed timber and concrete.

Anyone dreaming of an industrial-style kitchen is likely to be forward-thinking with an influential personality. As a perfectionist, you’re keen to get all the elements of your kitchen just right, from the lighting right down to those rustic features.

Why not make sure your kitchen reflects your loves and your lifestyle? With a re-design from Kitchen Design Centre we can make sure all your day-to-day needs are met with a fully functional, stylish, modern kitchen.

How have you designed your kitchen? Do you think it reflects your personality? Tell us all about your kitchen design in the comments below, or tweet us @ModernKitchens

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