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Get Rid Of Cooking Smells With A Designer Downdraft Extractor

Beginning our series on the topic of kitchen ventilation, we’re taking an in-depth look at each of your potential choices. Simple cooker hoods are far from the only option available nowadays, and one of the alternatives that modern technology has given us is the downdraft extractor. They’re amongst the pinnacles of modern kitchen innovation, and an increasingly popular option for our customers across the North West.

Performance / Technical information

downdraft extractor Neff

  • Suitable for ducted extraction and recirculation
  • For recirculated extraction charcoal filter (accessory) needed
  • Dimensions recirculating (HxWxD): 651- 1052 x 918 x 351 mm
  • Dimensions exhaust air (HxWxD): 651- 1052 x 918 x 351 mm
  • Extraction rate according to EN 61591 ø 15 cm:
    max. Normal use 450 m³/h
    Intensive 710 m³/h
  • Noise max. Normal Level: 61 dB*
  • Energy Efficiency Class: C*
  • Average Energy Consumption: 110.1 kWh/year*
  • Blower Efficiency Class: C*
  • Lighting Efficiency Class: A*
  • Grease Filtering Efficiency Class: D*

What Is A Downdraft Extractor?

To be honest, it’s exactly what it sounds like! It’s an alternative to the traditional cooker hood. Heat, fumes, steam and smoke produced from cooking are all drawn in, down and out of your kitchen, giving you the breathing room you need to work. But here’s the clever bit, and the thing that makes downdraft extractors so popular. Instead of being a permanently visible feature in your kitchen, it slots itself away into your kitchen worktop or island. Which one you install it in largely depends on your preference, but most people prefer their downdraft extractors in their kitchen islands.

Here’s how it works. Whenever you start cooking, all it takes is the simple brush of a touch-control button. A panel will fold back, and your downdraft extractor will glide up from the work surface. It draws in all the cooking fumes and other disturbances, funnelling it into the hidden ductwork that leads out of your kitchen. Then when you’re done, at the flick of a switch your extractor retracts smoothly back into your island, allowing you clear line of sight across your kitchen.

Sleek Aesthetics And Enhanced Functionality

Downdraft extractors combine practicality and convenience with stunning aesthetics, and are finding their place amongst more and more of our kitchens.

We’ll start with the practicality aspects first. Downdraft extractors are beautifully suited to many contemporary kitchens, with their sleek design complementing the multi-functions of modern kitchen islands. Being installed close to the hobs means that the downdraft extractor works at maximum effectiveness and efficiency, by catching the steam and fumes before they have a chance to spread round your kitchen.

Most kitchen islands nowadays are used as both a food preparation area and a dining space, and a downdraft extractor allows you to seamlessly transition between the two. It also supports the function of the kitchen as not just a room for preparing food, but as a social and family-centric space. You don’t have to break off your conversation or move to a different room when you start cooking; just the touch of a button allows you to transform your island instantly into cooking mode. Even at their full height, downdraft extractors are designed to still allow you a clear line of sight around your kitchen, letting you continue chatting as you start to get into action!

Make Your Extractor A Statement Piece For Your Kitchen

Of course, we’ve only hinted at another major appeal of downdraft extractors – the wow factor! It’s great for those who love their gadgets; a hi-tech showstopper and a stunning statement piece, fantastic for impressing visitors and dinner party guests. And the aesthetics go beyond that, too – as we touched on earlier, the nature of a downdraft extractor means that the ductwork and ventilation is hidden from view, which especially complements a clean, minimalist look.

If you want beauty and utility in a single, seamless package, then you might want to consider a downdraft extractor for your kitchen ventilation. They’re far from your only option though – we’ll be expanding more on some of your other options in our next instalment, and the unique features they have to offer your kitchen. Stay tuned for then!

In the meantime, you can pop into any of our designer kitchen showrooms for inspiration. We have designer kitchen showrooms located across the North West in Blackburn, Manchester and Colne, and our designers are always on hand to discuss your ideas. Come in and have a chat – we’d love to see you!

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Book A Free Appointment with one of our award-winning designers? It’s just a no-obligation chat that focuses on you, and your desires for your dream kitchen. 

Designed by Simon at our Barrowford showroom
#kitchen #kitchendesign #kitchendecor #kitchenrenovation #kitchenremodel #kitcheninspiration #kitchengoals #kitchenideas #kitchenlife #kitchenmakeover #kitchendetails #kitchenlove #utility #utilityroom #cloakroom #storagesolutions
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