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Why Choose An Induction Hob For Your Dream Kitchen?

Of all of the models of kitchen hobs available, we’ve found that our Neff induction hob is one of the most popular options with our customers in some of our most recent exciting projects. We can see why – it’s a marvellous piece of technology, and it provides some fantastic benefits to casual and professional cooks alike.

What Is An Induction Hob?

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First thing’s first; before we go into too much detail, we’ll lay out exactly what an induction hob is, and how it works. You already know the principles of a gas hob: you switch on the gas and a spark ignites it, producing a flame that heats the pan and cooks your food. Well, an induction hob uses a different method entirely.

Instead of using open flames, an induction hob appears as a smooth glass surface, upon which pots and pans are placed. Underneath this glass surface is an electromagnetic coil. We won’t go into too much of the physics behind it, but essentially, turning on the coil creates a magnetic field. When a pan is set down on the induction hob, the metal conducts the magnetic field, which is then converted to heat.

Essentially, this means that rather than needing time to warm up, the induction hob only generates heat for as long as the pan is down on the surface. As soon as the pan is removed or the zone is switched off, the heat stops immediately. It’s a fascinating design, and as you can imagine it provides some quite unique advantages!

The Key Benefits Of A High-Tech Induction Hob

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  1. It’s Speedy and Energy Efficient

Because every available scrap of heat is being focused straight into the pan, it means that the pan itself heats up a lot faster, which is always handy in a pinch! That means even less time waiting for the water to boil before you can get a delicious meal down on the table. What’s more, there’s almost no wasted energy, making the induction hob a lot more efficient than other models.

  1. It Allows You A High Degree of Control

The design of an induction hob means that you don’t have to wait a few moments for the hob to heat up and cool down to your desired temperature once you’ve turned the controls. Instead, the induction hob immediately adjusts its power output to wherever you need it to be, giving it a much higher level of responsiveness than some alternatives.

  1. Safety Is Built-In To The Design 

As we’ve explained above, the heat only lasts for as long as the pan is connected with the surface; once the pan is lifted, it’s only the utensil itself that remains hot. This is always excellent news for casual and professional cooks alike, as there’s a minimum chance of burns during and after cooking. If you live in a busy family household, there are even additional safety features that you can buy such as child safety locks, which further protects vulnerable members of your household from injury.

  1. It’s Stylish!

One of the things our customers love most about the Neff induction hob is its sleek, stylish look. Because all the actual nuts and bolts are hidden beneath the surface, it gives your kitchen worktops a clean, uncluttered appearance, which fits in perfectly with a streamlined contemporary kitchen. Having said that, they work equally well in a number of other kitchen styles, too – just have a look at our case studies to see what we mean!

What Our Customers Are Saying About Their Neff Induction Hobs

“I wanted a gas hob, but a Neff induction hob was recommended, which I love!” Heart of the Home

“It’s fast and easy to clean”

Big, Bright and Beautiful Kitchen Design in Bowdon

“I love my induction hob – it’s very clever!”

A Quirky Social Space Quite Unlike Any Other

The Neff induction hob is just one of a range of hi-tech appliances from industry leader Neff, who we work in proud partnership with here at Kitchen Design Centre. It’s our aim to help you realise your vision of your dream kitchen – just pop into any one of our designer kitchen showrooms in Manchester, Colne or Blackburn, where one of our talented kitchen designers will be happy to discuss your options.

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