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Why go handleless for your designer kitchen?

Minimalist, sleek and stylish. Handleless kitchen designs have become a very popular choice with many of our customers, looking for a contemporary solution, here at Kitchen Design Centre. It’s easy to see why! They offer a range of style benefits, as well as greater efficiency options due to the ways in which they can be installed.

You can explore for yourself the ways in which we’ve utilised handless designs in many of our customer kitchens. We’re positive you’ll find something that fits in with your personal style. So, why should you opt for a handleless design for your new kitchen? Let’s get into a few of the benefits.

Exquisite style

As we mentioned above, if you’re looking to impress a contemporary style on your kitchen, then handleless cabinets are definitely an option worth considering. They offer a real sense of elegance, with sleek lines that won’t interrupt the clean, trimmed feel of your kitchen space. Of course, there are no rules that say you can’t have handles in your sleek contemporary kitchen, and we provide plenty of options for handled designs here at Kitchen Design Centre if that’s what you’d prefer. However, for the ultimate in minimalist kitchen design, there’s no question that the handleless option is the way to go.


The minimal nature of handleless kitchen cabinets means that they tend to work well for people who are fond of efficient designs, with little room for excess. The versatile ways in which handleless kitchen cabinets can be installed, mean that they can be fitted to suit any environment.

As a result, there are several common mechanisms that a handleless kitchen can offer you, as a means to open cabinet doors:

  • J-pull kitchen doors – these technically have a handle, but it’s recessed (i.e. hidden from view) and cut into the back of the door. This will either be placed at the top or bottom of drawer units and integrated dishwashers, or to the side of cupboards and integrated fridges. J-pull kitchens have shadow gaps between doors to allow your hand to access the handles more easily.
  • Push open mechanisms – this particular mechanism sits on the inside of the cabinet doors, making it invisible from the outside. To open, simply push on the door and the mechanism will spring it open.
  • Handleless kitchen doors – these are built with a rail system which is designed to create a recessed space between doors and drawers, allowing you to put your hand behind the door to open it. Plus, it doesn’t require a handle to be cut into the door like in a J-pull system. This is often referred to as the ‘True Handleless system’.

They’re all just options – ultimately, the choice is all up to you! Whatever your vision for your dream kitchen, you can rest assured that we can make it a reality here at Kitchen Design Centre. Our designers have years of experience creating beautiful, bespoke designer kitchens to suit any style. So if handleless is a feature you’re interested in implementing into your designer kitchen, feel free to come and explore a few of the options we offer here at Kitchen Design Centre by browsing some of the beautiful work our expert designers do at our Blackburn kitchen showroom (or any of our other designer kitchen showrooms in LiverpoolManchester or Barrowford).

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