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When it comes to modern kitchen design, the addition of a kitchen island is a must. They’re not only multi-functional – offering a space for meal prep and storage as well as a surface to eat upon – they can also be super stylish, acting as a focal point for your whole kitchen design.

And if you thought there was only style of kitchen island available, you’d be wrong. Whatever type of kitchen you’re dreaming of, we’re certain we can find the perfect kitchen island to meet your design and functionality needs.

6 kitchen island designs for every home

Slim and trim

Short on space? You can still benefit from a kitchen island; you’ll just need to opt for something slim that still keeps the aisles open. While a slimmer island doesn’t give you enough space for dining, it can still provide you with that all-important storage and prep space.

Slim island

Statement piece

If you’re looking for a fabulous focal point for your kitchen, a statement kitchen island, designed with luxury materials could be all you need. Opt for high-end materials like marble, burnished metal and mottled granites for that super-luxe look.


Floating island

For a modern retro look ask your designer to wrap your kitchen island in glacier white Corian all the way around, adding coloured lighting below. This gives the illusion of a floating island that’s both sleek and trendy.

Different shapes

When you think of a kitchen island a rectangular shape may come to mind, but if you’ve got a lot of space to play with why not opt for something different?

Circular or triangular islands break up hard angles and straight lines to create a more open and organic feel. Great for dining around, but less functional for storage, it’s a great option for those looking for something truly unique.


Country house charm

If you’re looking to create a farmhouse feel in your kitchen, opt for a large butcher block island. Designed with a thick top that contrasts with the island’s base, this type of island is highly functional and aesthetic.

What’s more, with a few bar stools, eating at the island will create an intimate dining experience – much like a show kitchen where you dine with the chef.

country house

Contemporary style

Part of the kitchen island’s popularity comes down to its contemporary style. If this is the main reason you’ve opted for an island make sure you choose the right features to accentuate its contemporary style.

Sleek materials, pendant lighting, or small designer lamps hung from the ceiling all help to create the look.


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