Brand new for 2022 - introducing the Zuma Lumisonic Speaker!

Brand new for 2022 – introducing the Zuma Lumisonic Speaker!

At Kitchen Design Centre, everything we do is all centred around one core ethos – that your designer kitchen deserves nothing less than the best of the best. And throughout our 36-year history, we’ve delivered. In fact, our finely-honed ability to finding the perfect appliances for each client’s kitchen has led to us being named as a Neff Master Partner. And as of Spring 2022, we’ve now also partnered with Zuma, so now you can choose a set of Zuma Lumisonic speakers when we’re designing your dream kitchen.

Here’s a little more about what you can expect!

What’s the idea behind the Zuma Lumisonic?

According to the visionaries at Zuma, the underlying concept of the Lumisonic is a simple one – it’s about bringing better, more immersive and even more enjoyable listening experiences to everyone throughout your house.

Rather than listening to sound emanating from a fixed point, such as your radio or TV speakers, Zuma Lumisonic speakers are designed to ‘envelop’ you, so that you’re completely bathed in sound. It’s been likened to standing in a concert hall, or walking through a forest.

Some portable speakers often strive for the same effect, but with those there’s a catch – the various connection points around your kitchen are already in high demand, occupied by small appliances, phone chargers, or other consumer electronics. On the other hand, Zuma Lumisonic speakers have none of these connection issues, since they’re installed in a set of downlights – and of course, that makes them absolutely perfect for a kitchen.

uma Lumisonic Speaker

Why choose Zuma Lumisonic speakers for your own kitchen?

True to the original vision behind their design, Zuma Lumisonic speakers offer a listening experience like no other, and it’s all under your control. The nature of this experience is entirely up to you – for example, you can connect your phone to the speakers to play your favourite music, or you can connect your TV for the ultimate immersive viewing experience!

There’s some truly stunning technology underpinning these capabilities – each Lumisonic features a next-generation HD-audio Class D monolithic amplifier, controlled by a best-in-class audio quad core processor with advanced DSP features. As we’ve covered above, it’s wirelessly synchronised, so there are no trailing cables, wires, or obtrusive speakers.

What’s more, the speakers have been fitted with optimal high performance light emitting diodes, designed specifically to offer energy efficiency (a major kitchen design trend for 2022), and an excellent natural colour experience. If you’d like, you can also choose a custom Circadian rhythm app that automatically adjusts the light to ensure it remains finely in tune with your body’s natural rhythms and responses to natural daylight.

That’s the Zuma Lumisonic in a nutshell – if you want more details on what it can do for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly kitchen designers! Each one has all the talent, skill and passion they need to help turn your dream kitchen into a stunning reality. Feel free to visit any of our showrooms across the North West in FailsworthUrmstonBlackburnBarrowford, or Woolton, and we’ll be only too happy to see how we can help.

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