How can I feature wood in my kitchen?


Wood may have taken a back step in many modern kitchen designs, but it’s still one of our favourite looks here at Kitchen Design Centre. The wood kitchen, or painted wood kitchen, adds warmth to your space as well as natural beauty. Ideal for a shaker style kitchen, which tends to have a more traditional look, wood can feature in your kitchen space in many ways – many of which we’ll be exploring today.

Why choose wood? 

Whether you’re after a painted wood kitchen with a pop of colour or a natural wood kitchen for a more traditional or rustic look, wood brings charm and tradition to any kitchen design. Even better, you don’t need to go all out with a wooden design either. A hint of wood, with a wooden worktop or table, makes a huge impact too.

The neutral tones of wood also promote decorative freedom. Light coloured woods go with almost any type of flooring or furnishing and can be a great starting point in your kitchen design. 

How can I feature wood in my kitchen

Which styles does it work with?

Wood is closely associated with a more rustic farmhouse style kitchen but it can work just as well in a modern design. The trick is getting the design just right and using the right materials – something you can be sure of with the help of our expert designers! A huge benefit of wood is its versatility, which means it can be paired with popular, modern materials such as Corian.

How can I feature wood in my kitchen

How can I feature wood in my kitchen design?

The opportunities for adding wood into your kitchen design are endless. Some of our favourite places to incorporate wood include:

  • Cabinets
  • Worktops
  • Floors
  • Breakfast bars
  • Paneling
  • Furnishings

How can I feature wood in my kitchen

Real wooden floors add warmth and texture to your kitchen space and are ideal for the family home. What’s more, many wooden materials, such as oak, can last for decades and continues to grow in character over the years.

Oak or walnut paneling is ideal for hiding those stainless steel appliances. If you’re keen to keep a more traditional or rustic look, some form of wooden paneling is key.

For a look that’s more contemporary, why not pick a painted wood to create your own bespoke style? 

Wood kitchens: Top Kitchen Design Centre projects 

Many of our clients appreciate the beauty of wood too, with wood featuring in a number of our designs. So, if you’re short on inspiration and ideas, why not look at how we used wood in some of our recent customers projects:

This modern and sociable kitchen featured dark, textured wood throughout the design with wooden paneling and a wooden dining table. The dark wood allowed our client to achieve the chic monochrome look they were after, while ensuring the space remained warm and welcoming.

This more traditional style kitchen combined painted wood in a soft blue/grey colour with more textured, natural wood, used for the accessories and dining table. This resulted in a charming shabby chic style finish – a modern take on the old English kitchen.

How have you integrated wood into your kitchen design? Tell us in the comments below, or share your kitchen style ideas with us over on Twitter @ModernKitchens

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