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Refresh your kitchen with a soothing ice cream colour scheme

We don’t know about you, but as this Spring gets even sunnier we’re starting to feeling a little summery here at Kitchen Design Centre! That makes it the perfect time to talk about a favourite trend of ours – creating beautiful ice cream colour schemes for your designer kitchen. It’s a fantastic way to bring a refreshing hint of summer into your home, and one of our recent case studies of a blush kitchen with rose gold accents shows the sort of wonderfully understated effect it can have.

Pick out your first cool colour

The first step to creating your ice cream colour scheme is just the same as the first step to creating any other – you’ll need to decide on your base. Normally, this will be the colour for your cabinetry and worktops, as the colour of these tend to be the most influential overall on the final appearance of your kitchen.

If you’re not sure of where to start on which colour to choose, it’s generally best to look at the lighter, most neutral colours first like cream or vanilla. These can serve as a brilliant blank canvas for you to get creative. For a few examples, look no further than the customer kitchens we’ve previously designed – some show how white can serve as a great basis to highlight pops of colour. Cream and vanilla work in much the same way, and can help reflect the most natural light too, making your kitchen look even lighter.

Choose your scoop

Once you’ve settled on the right base colour for your kitchen, you can start thinking about the secondary complementary colours. These can be used for a feature wall or splashback, your curtains and other fabrics, or your kitchen island – which you can choose to match to your worktops, or complement them in a different shade. (These are just a few ideas, of course!)

This is where you can get even more creative in terms of which pastel shades to choose – you might want to consider mint chocolate chip, strawberry pink or even a light blueberry colour. Lemon sorbet is also a popular shade, as it provides a beautifully understated touch.

Something sweet to top it all off

Much like the final chocolate flake or the cherry on top, you’ve now got freedom to add an even more vibrant pop of colour to create a truly delicious final effect. You’ll want to think about accessories first, such as toasters, fruit bowls, kettles or coffee makes. Don’t forget to consider the often-overlooked elements, such as your lampshades – which can be coloured to blend in nicely to your colour scheme, or stand out from it.

red accessories

As for what colour to choose – well, that’s all up to you! Here’s where you can afford to go a little crazy, with vibrant reds, blues, greens or yellows. If you need a bit of inspiration, you can see how a sophisticated white kitchen we previously designed has been given a pop of colour with the fruit bowl on the kitchen island, while another has a wonderfully distinctive look thanks to its deep purple accessories.

And if you need a bit of help or inspiration, our designers are always here to help! Every one of them has years of experience behind them and an innate talent for helping your dream kitchen to become a reality. We’ve got designer kitchen showrooms in Manchester, Blackburn, Barrowford and Urmston, or you can Book A Free Design Appointment right here on our website!

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