What’s in season: April

whats in season this april

With the temperatures continuing to rise, there’s an abundance of scrumptious food to eat in April. However, seasonal foods at this time of the year tend to peak rather quickly – so if you want to make the most of them it’s best to head to your supermarket and purchase them right now!

Our top picks

In April, we recommend you get your hands on the following ingredients:



Asparagus tastes its best in spring and is a particularly yummy addition to many spring dishes. It works well with pasta, in salads, or as a side for many fish dishes. Season with lemon and mint for the ultimate veggie taste sensation.



Ditch the apples and pears for something more seasonal with a delicious rhubarb dessert. Whether you stick to a classic rhubarb pie or opt for something lighter, such as a cheesecake or pavlova, is completely up to you!

Whats in season this april



Prawns are a great addition to any meal and come with a multitude of benefits. They’re high in protein, low in fat, and contain lots of essential vitamins, like B12, B3 and Zinc. Marinate, grill, sauté, or batter them for a delicious side snack or addition to a meal. Alternatively, you can add them to quiches, omelettes, or pizzas for a bit of variety!

Whats in season this april



British lamb remains in season in April and tastes great when roasted with garlic and herbs. The result offers more of a Mediterranean flavour too – perfect for the early spring months. Opt for roast leg of lamb with veggies or serve up oven baked lamb chops with a delicious, seasonal sauce. Indian or Moroccan spiced lamb is also another great idea and is best served on skewers.

Whats in season this april


Be inspired by our April menu favourites

Make the most of all your seasonal favourites with these Neff recipes that are perfect for April…


Finger food: Our Lamb Koftas with Aubergine Dip

Ideal for snacking on or for spring gatherings with friends, these lamb koftas are sure to go down well. Get inspired for summer with this Moroccan favourite, which takes just 15 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to cook in your Circo Therm oven.


A cheeky main: Prawn and Fresh Pesto Pizza

Chef up something that both you and the kids will enjoy with this delicious, posh pizza! With veggies, olive oil, prawns, and garlic, the final masterpiece is pretty healthy too. Once you’ve designed your pizza, pop it in on the Circo Therm Intensive setting for 40-45 minutes.


For dessert: Rhubarb Pavlova

Swap the pastry and crumbles for something light and fluffy with a yummy rhubarb pavlova. Featuring all your fruity favourites, it’s guaranteed to taste good – but remember to give yourself plenty of time to prepare it as it take two hours to cook in your Neff Circo Therm and Steam Oven.


What exciting dishes will you be cooking this month? We’d love to know! Share your recipe ideas with us in the comments below or tweet us @ModernKitchens

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