Which sink is right for my kitchen?

Which sink is right for my kitchen

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, every little detail counts – right down to the kitchen sink. While it might not be the first thing you think about when you begin planning your designer kitchen, your sink really is an integral part of your kitchen space.

The traditional kitchen

Which sink is right for my kitchen

 If you’re looking for a sink to complement your traditional styled kitchen, you’re in luck. With this style of kitchen having been around for centuries, it’s easy to find the perfect sink to match.

Ceramic sinks are the ideal choice for traditional kitchens, where budget allows. You could also opt for a Belfast or Butler style sink for a real farmhouse feel. Made from clay and glaze, ceramic sinks are built to last. They’re hardwearing, easy to clean and look great.

If you’re looking for something similar to the ceramic sink but without the price tag, why not opt for cast acrylic? It offers many of the same benefits as the ceramic sink but is perhaps not as durable or high-end.

For those kitchens that are traditional but don’t embrace the country cottage look, why not consider stainless steel? A popular option for most styles of kitchen, it’s sure to look good in any home.


The modern kitchen

Which sink is right for my kitchen

 Modern kitchens are all about style and that extra X factor. So – if you’ve opted for a modern kitchen design, why not go all out with a super-trendy sink?

To complement the popular, modern, industrial trend choose copper. Stylish and durable, copper also offers rust-resistant and antimicrobial properties.

Alternatively, if you fancy contrasting materials in your kitchen, why not choose composite granite? Just like copper, it looks good and performs well too.

Another great option for modern kitchens is the sleek and chic Corian sink – especially if you’ve used Corian in the rest of your kitchen design. Functionality, stain resistance, and hygiene are just some of the perks of Corian.


The German kitchen

Which sink is right for my kitchen

 German kitchens are modern and functional. They offer the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional design meaning they’re perfect for just about any home. What’s more, they offer high quality – which covers every feature right down to the kitchen sink.

As with modern kitchens, a Corian sink is a great choice for German kitchens. As kitchens of this style are all about functionality, it makes sense to choose a functional, easy-to-care for sink material.

Stainless steel is another great all-rounder. If it’s the preferred choice of a pro-chef, we think it’s good enough for your German kitchen!

To find out more about our offerings and kitchen designs, why not visit your nearest kitchen showroom today? We can walk you through the process of designing the new kitchen and talk you through all the different design features and finishes. For details on your nearest showroom, visit the contact page.


Which style of sink have you chosen for your kitchen and why? Share your choices with us in the comments below or drop us a tweet @ModernKitchens

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