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A few tips to creating a truly timeless designer kitchen

Designer kitchen trends come and go, but there are a few secrets to creating a truly timeless designer kitchen. Here are some of our top suggestions!

Kitchen trends are evolving all the time – something our designers know all too well here at Kitchen Design Centre. Every year, we visit the Hacker factory in Berlin, where we catch up on the latest styles (although our attendance in 2020 has been deferred, for obvious reasons). This helps us stay on top of current trends, so we can incorporate them into the very best kitchen designs for our customers.

But throughout all these changing design trends, over the years we’ve found that there are a few things which make a truly timeless designer kitchen. If that’s something that appeals to you, here are a few of our suggestions!

Take your time to decide what you want from your kitchen

If you’ve had a moment to browse through our case studies of real customer kitchens, you’ll probably have already noticed that lots of our customers come to us with a firm aim in mind for their kitchen. They might want their design to solve a specific problem (for example, if it feels like there’s not enough space), or they might have entirely new plans for it, like making it feel like a more social space. In many cases, our customers just want kitchens that are better able to cater to their lifestyle.

Some of our favourite designs are those which take into account the specific strengths and characteristics of the house itself. For example, in one of our most recent case studies, our designer Maxine designed the kitchen to incorporate the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Those are often the sorts of kitchens that will stay timeless for as long as the building stays standing!

So when you’re deciding how to design your timeless kitchen, a good place to start is by deciding on exactly what you want it to achieve. Consider which of your needs it already meets, and which ones it doesn’t. Don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly how it can change – that’s what our designers are here to help with!

Think carefully about the colours

Think carefully about the colours

It might be tempting to go for one or two bold, vibrant shades in your colour scheme, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the best timeless kitchens tend to have neutral colour schemes. We’ve recently talked about ice cream shades, which give some good examples of muted, elegant colours to use as a base. To keep your design timeless, try to keep your colour scheme to a small number of shades – two or three is generally best. And choose your contrasting colours wisely! Red and orange shades are great choices if you want a splash of personality, but if you’re trying to create a timeless design, shades of blue are an even better option – it’s a famously versatile colour that can really stand the test of time.

Choose timeless little touches

New kitchen features and gadgets are being developed all the time, but if you’d prefer something timeless over something cutting edge, then there are a couple of neat kitchen features that we’ve found many of the most timeless kitchens tend to share!

Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps

Even a quick look through our case studies will probably tell you how popular this beautiful form of lighting is with many of our customers! It’s a timelessly classy (not to mention stylish) way to cast light over a dining area or breakfast bar, and there’s plenty of room for expression in the style of pendants you choose. Just take a look at this beautifully minimalist kitchen, complete with pendant lights that give it a wonderfully atmospheric lighting to complement the natural light flooding in from outdoors.

Open shelves

Open shelves

While your designer kitchen will probably have plenty of facilities for storage, open shelves tend to be used more for display. They provide a fantastic way to display the little touches that give your kitchen its own individual character, like artwork, ornaments, or family photographs.

Kitchen islands

Kitchen islands

A kitchen island remains the ultimate way to help your kitchen maintain a natural ‘flow’ of movement, and can serve a variety of other useful functions besides. It can be a home for some favourite high-tech appliances like a Quooker boiling tap, or magnetic induction hobs. Perhaps even more importantly, it provides a neat casual dining space for your guests or family, allowing you to chat to them as you prepare your next delicious meal.

These are just a few general suggestions of course – you might well have a few ideas of your own! And if you still need a bit of guidance or inspiration, our award winning designers are only too happy to oblige. At the time of writing, our designer kitchen showrooms are open by appointment only, so feel free to book an appointment at your nearest showroom. We’d love to see you!

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